When Fear is dispelled, Being shines in its original being-ness

Sue Dreamwalker says:

When we understand that there is no Death we will then not fear to die. To me when we take that final breath in this world and enter the next.. That to me is the greatest adventure…. as we explored this one with our senses… I hope we will learn much along this journey, to pack with us in our suitcase for the next one which lays in everyone’s next Venture!

Just to remind you this Sue:

The thorough understanding is about consciously dying moment by moment. That implies the realization of the secret of being whole and connected to everything there is NOW.

Every breath is both “initial” and “final” – I know it sounds scary, but so it is…When we say “along the journey” we kind of indulge again in delusion; a beautiful delusion though, but still delusion, ugly or beautiful, remains a delusion.

There is nothing to pack you see…nothing to take with us…Whatever we bear with us is only illusion…There is everything to let go of, the utter act of emptying ourselves completely in this very second, is The Thing. Not easy, I know…I still find myself being caught in deception many times.

First in that disrobed presence, when the witness and the witnessed dissolves, when there is no trace of “next experience”, of time perception or postponing, then and only then we may get to know DIRECTLY what is “behind the veil” of life and death.

There is no greater Venture than knowing this, in this very moment. There is nothing to know “along the journey”, there is no such thing as “next” left…
TRUTH IS WITHOUT CONSEQUENCE. With other words, “next” applies only when it comes to illusion. Awakening is the total interruption of linearity…

Where there is total interruption of time, linearity, and thought, in that immediate perception Fear ceases its existence…-and the dream of duality ends.
First when Fear is dispelled, Being shines in its original being-ness. And what is “left” then, is pure Knowing, knowing you, as You…:)

Understanding the real problem


I am making the assumption that we’re here to help each other figure out how to discern what is wrong, discuss what we see, and somehow work together to correct what is wrong… whether in thinking, observation, or action.


If you feel the gravity and truth of my words, it means that you are a step nearer a clarifying viewpoint. The so-called solution comes as we speak. In my opinion, true and honest dialogue help each other drop the past. How can past knowledge understand something that has to be understood now…?

Verily, everything of importance happens now.

Whatever solution that comes through the filter of the past, is a mere continuation of our conditioning. Let´s leave the past to itself!

Consequently, to deal with a problem in its totality we have to let go of our inner patterns – we have to put aside expectation, even the very wish to know, and unreservedly and have a direct relation with what is going on NOW. Real action happens always in the now.

Staying with the problem requires the same vivid attention and immediacy as if it was a living entity.
Only in this direct vividness we can find a satisfactory solution. The so-called correction comes through understanding of the problem.