The way we function as a society is based on fear

We honestly don’t realize how engrained fear is in our minds and how it affects almost every action (or non-action) we make.

Fear, being so ingrained, usually makes one totally lose perspective, as if nothing else existed. Most people today are hopelessly caught in the nightmare of their making. Their vision is thus totally biased and warped…Evidently, when the observer is fearful the action can´t possibly be anything but unloving.

And that is why we can’t truly change. We can’t truly make progress from the same fear-based mind that exists in man at this time. We are fooling ourselves. Furthermore, for true peace to occur in this world, it has to come from within. 

That is, from that non-verbal awareness of the observing without any thought-based opinion of what is.

So long as there is thought, there will be fear