Another Life, another Story…

A dear friend sent this so incredible letter to me. With her permission, I will share this with you.

“Out of nowhere, I feel a kind of secret ease, as if an unendurable burden is about to be removed from my chest. Not only from my chest, but from my whole body and soul.

This impervious darkness totally obscured my yearning…It took everything away from me: my sounds, my dreams, my colors…My true space…It really made me a stranger to myself.

It was not me inhabiting my life, I was lived by a nightmare.

Everything went adrift. Despite my talent and devotion to my work, it all relentlessly failed me. No doubt about that: Life conspired to kneel me…- whatever I undertook fell through.

As yet, Nothing has changed around me, but I begin to see, AND ABOVE ALL, I begin to hear everything…In a new light…In a new shade.

Did I tell you that I hear colours and see tones…?

I can´t figure it out how on earth it has been possible to be totally bereft of myself for so many years. To live with such gruesome pain…in such complete agony and loneliness…I died thousands of deaths…God knows how I made it through, as there was no one there to help…they were all afraid.

First now, I can start to breath…to timidly and furtively look around me…I at last come out of this hell to some kind of rest…Yes…a soothing and reassuring rest, which is
real – something which feels true…immediate…loving.”

The only way out is through

Fritz Perls

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