Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life

“Work” derives etymologically from the word torture. Being afraid of life, we have separated Being from Doing. “Doing” is survival, that is, fear of being or not being. We produce something out of fear of being…that is the thing called “Work”.

Since time immemorial, we have been persuaded that Life is supposed to be hard, a hell to defend yourself from, that making a living through sweat and toil is the only valid thing…Such a horrid and stupid idea that we still faithfully take as real…

“What is” always provides, but usually we are totally out of touch with knowing and trusting this.

Don´t make a living,  MAKE A LIFE!

If you presently “make a living” with something you don´t like, I wouldn´t be so categorical to say “leave your job now”. Just learn to see and recognize fear, and gradually, having a clearer image of your improved self-worth, you will move on to a different level of confidence. In this renewed confidence you will learn to recognize the presence of What is, letting yourself be guided by It.

Trust this process!

Hell, guilt and punsihment – the most wicked inventions

Since time immemorial, Church has harmed and deliberately humiliated us, and with its perverted doctrine of sin, it has inflicted fear in our souls. The most evil inventions are these: hell, guilt and punishment. Not only regular, but Eternal Punishment.

How a loving God can punish his own creation, is the most imbecile contradiction ever invented in order to fetter people. The most abstruse and insolent statement which has ruined many lives.

These are nothing but stupid and cruel fabrications in order to control and prevent us from living an innocent and real life.

This shameless propaganda has suffocated all natural life within us. Along with the crime of consciously decreasing man´s greatness and natural dignity, by encouraging his cowardice and fear, Its target has also been to injure woman and womanhood in general. Through mocking and inhibiting her predisposition to ecstatic passion, punishing her for her magic connection with life, repressing her irrational but intuitive subtle knowledge, they have injured us all.

I will return to this subject in a later post.

However, woman is the giver of Life. The timeless Divine aspects of femininity have to be restored and
restituted to Woman´s soul.

This trust and dignity given back to woman, will save us all.