Unforced Attention suspends Time

It thus abolishes linearity and your stories – real or made up, which is actually the same thing – healing and saving you from the memory of un unfulfilled future…

Love knows no tomorrow

Linearity is the most daunting trap:

Nothing will ever be solved “in time”…
Either you get it NOW, or you will continue to suffer.

Thinking spawns unhappiness

I do not have the time to hone this post, I´ll simply edit it the way it is.

Throughout the years, the more I tried to resolve the issue of thought – that is to put an end to thinking and thus release myself from its burden – the worse it became…Really, we can´t relinquish fire with fire no matter how much we try…and yet, that´s what we stubbornly do.

Most evidently, thought and happiness are each other´s antinomy.

That because thought is the answer to all past experience, reiterating itself as memory – which is time…which is fear…which is our very immemorial conditioning.

And as Happiness has neither yesterday nor tomorrow, thought – which is sorrow – can never yield anything but distress…

The worst thing is that we can´t put a stop to thinking…We have to watch and unfold the process by simply witnessing it through a kind of active passivity…

One is to “practice” something which cannot be practiced…but lucidly observed…

Isn´t it so…? We take our memory for who we are. We are taught to literally identify with it, and remain the faithful slaves of our past. What we usually call “Me”, is a sum of reactive patterns within, which are not happy to be seen, questioned, and dropped
off – these are energy fields, or entities who equally call themselves “I”.

So…in plain language: our happiness is their worst nightmare, and our distress is their happiness…

IT´S REALLY ABOUT BRINGING ABOUT A NEW AWARENESS HERE. One has to watch oneself with an active sort of passivity, and learn to dispassionately see through and disidentify from these energy thieves…We´d better…- because if we remain caught in thinking, we are doomed to waste our life. Doomed to never discover WHO WE TRULY ARE…

Who learns, and what is to be learned?…

Can´t we simply drop learnedness for a change?…especially when it comes to living…

What if Life is about un-knowing, about un-learning?…

What if the very attempt to learn – that is, to acquire knowledge -, is the most gruesome waste of precious life…?

By constantly indulging in learning, we create time. Time meaning distance between the knower and the known. Time being another name for frustration and sadness…for disappointment…

What if the past and future time is gone, leaving us no choice than smile?


What if?

Time, despair and failure

“The utter despair that spreads with the passage of time. I do not know when acceptance of failure will be complete but it has started. I can only pray that when I accept fully that there is no “the one” to be found, I’ll finally find some relief.”

Indeed, utter despair that spreads with the passage of time…

Please understand that Time is Despair. As we are taught to live “in time” – time being fear – how can we be other than desperate? And of course, as “time goes”, our despair grows exponentially. Thus, TO LIVE “IN TIME” IS THE GREATEST FAILURE…Ego can survive only in time, can you see that? By definition, ego is failure, so once you drop the idea of time, ego begins to gradually dissipate. The Real You cannot fail, AS IT IS LOVE, and when you realize the illusionary aspect of ego – which is a hell of an undertaking, as ego is unspeakably cunning!!!! – you realize that You Are The One to be found. 

This mechanism I write about is childishly simple, or impossible to get – because what most likely happens, is that your ego will dismiss these words as rubbish…

Separation –  Ego – hates Oneness. Separation hates Joy. Happiness is the greatest foe to ego, believe me, as when you are happy ego cannot survive…

I repeat: NO TIME, NO EGO. “I´ll finally find some relief” – is ego´s self-decepting voice.

“Finally”… – meaning uncertainty, somewhere on the road of time…

THE FINAL IS NOW, EVERY MOMENT! Now is the moment to “make it final”, that is, TO BEGIN – to make your statement, in silence.

So if you are to find some relief, it has to be NOW – along with these words of mine.



We have invented time in order to escape sorrow

He says:
To experience and appreciate the “life force” within our breath is the greatest source of personal peace, because living within the conscious feeling of this power will tame our wandering mind and allow us to be who we really are – our true self – in peace and love.

The gift of breath is everything – the beginning and end of human life. This is not something to be taken for granted, but is a reason, every moment of our life, to feel appreciation and infinite gratitude.

Those who are motivated from the longing and thirst within, will find the way – it is their destiny.

This is a life long journey and we have this whole life to practice. The results DO come but perseverance is the key.

All dreams come true – in their own time.

What you say here is apt and true.
It is not my intent to be “picky”, there are some small details I would like to shed some light on.

You say :
This power (life force) will tame our wandering mind.

Who is taming who here? Can we successfully control, attempting to “tame” this wandering mind, and think that our endeavour will have any real effect…?

Of course, we can tame it for a while, we can kind of try to turn the mind numb or make it pliable through different methods – orthodox or less orthodox…Like breathing, meditation, deep reflection, or through alcohol, drugs or whatever kind of addiction.

The very endeavour to tame, enhances the already inherent dichotomy of the mind. Our intent, that is, the very act of taming, creates in this case even more inner conflict, can you see this…?

I am not so sure that “those who are motivated from the longing and thirst within, will find the way”. Give it a thought:

Who is thirsty and longing within us…? Who “finds” the way…? The way from “where” to “what”…?
Can you see that the very longing and thirsting entity is Mind itself…? That its dichotomy separates the longing from the “longed-for”, the witness from the witnessed…?

Mind is the outcome of duality, so how can mind ever grasp anything real, as long as it remains in the domain of the dual…?

Further on you say:
“This is a life long journey and we have this whole life to practice.”

Of course it sounds seemingly true. But the thing is that if we have “the whole life to practice”, it also means that we also have time to procrastinate. When we know “we have time” we perpetually escape the very problem – mind – postponing it sometime in the future…But bad news…Future doesn´t really exist…as future is another side of Now…

If we have “time” it means that we indulge in self-complacency, avoiding the real problem NOW. After all that is what most people do, hoping time solves anything…It doesn´t. We ascribe Time a significance it doesn´t have…

Time is escaping sorrow.

The so-called results must – again – be felt now, when we have the guts to stay with the problem.

Perseverance is many times another word for resistance, projection and refusal to face and confront the most flagrant problem – our mind.

Let me know if these words reach out to you!

What is true Self?

True self is joy, infinite energy and expansion in light, ineffable peace. It is timeless, but “timelessness” is not a mere idea.

If you want to get to know what It is, you have to step out of your idea of time. Time is sorrow, time is the invention of your fear. When you are afraid of this moment, when you don´t live it, you create Time.

 I repeat. When you don t live, you are afraid and you create time to postpone this Now.

You are afraid of now, afraid of living…