Light Without Darkness

I don’t feel ‘darkness’ exists basically. I feel many people use darkness as an excuse not to be responsible and be all they really are.

Don´t let yourself be fooled: Darkness doesn´t exist, YET IT´S VERY REAL…This world we inhabit is the fabric of Separation. Separation never happened, yet, here we are, as separated bodies…The few Enlightened ones, say all it´s a dream, which, of course it is…But WHAT THEY NEVER TELL YOU IS THIS:

We have all created this World, as an escape from Love, as an escape from Who We Truly Are. This very set up has taken millions – if not billions? – years to bring about. It is a world which seems “distinct” and “other” than God´s Real Version.

A long story short:

The Creator of this world, the Ego or The Demiurge is anything but easily dismissed as something you let go of, just like that…as the shallow New Age writers want us to believe. This Ego is incredibly uncanny, clever, captivating and intriguing yet at the same time ineffably vengeful, bitchy, mischievous, vindictive, yes, totally unforgiving…totally antagonistic to true Love…DIVINE LOVE is its highest menace, its highest nightmare. After all, it has made up a world which is supposed to compete with the True Creation of God, and through suffering, decay and death show God that he – the demiurge – is right…So its only agenda is to obfuscate God and our inherent Light. To keep you caught in Illusion.

You don´t fool around with this villain. It can easily shape-shift from one to many. It disposes over an incredible arsenal of “methods” to keep us confined in darkness. IT SIMPLY DOESN´T WANT US TO LIVE AND BE HAPPY. It is so deeply ingrained in our false being – after all, It is our creation – that he would do anything to prevent us from untangling ourselves from him. Enlightenment – which is to reconnect with pristine Love – is its supreme defeat. But again, enlightenment is such a rare “achievement” which requires an unwavering courage and commitment to confront this Fiddle Master. Look to this wretched world and you will see him at work. Bottom line: It is the one who has invented time, thought, suffering, sorrow, distance, punishment, disease, death. None of these are real…Yet he fiercely wants us to believe they are…After all he is A Mad Idea which popped up eons ago in God´s mind…It is a terrifying Nothing…

For whoever is ready to hear

To be able to play a musical instrument well, along with technical skill, it requires ABOVE ALL, a formidable unforced yet swift and alert attention.

Not only that Music asks for heeding and hearing each and every Instant as if it was new, but it demands the impossible: namely, to be aware of tones which go in fractions of seconds

I repeat: not seconds but fractions of seconds.

Imagine you being compelled to find order and right relation between those tones in that intense velocity. AND YET… If I make an analogy, one needs that incredible sensitivity, inner sharpness and rest when it comes to “outwitting” and de-conditioning the obsolete mind…

Only in that unspeakable speed can we deal with mind in all its insidious entitlements:

Thought, name, time, corporeity, memory, experience…

You are already doing that

Please, consider this:

I am sitting writing these very words. Now…- if I said “oh, how I wish to sit down and write”, while I am actually doing just that, you may wonder as to my being entirely sane…

And yet…that´s what people do.

“Everybody lives tomorrow or yesterday and never now…! I so long for a Now.”- she said.

“When you say everybody”- I replied – “you mean yourself. How on earth can you long for a now, when you undeniably are immersed in this Now? Only the person feeling disengaged from life wants `to live´. If you say, `I am going to live now´, you will resist and push away this present moment even more.”


We are always prone to create a gap between us and the very thing we strive for. This very gap is Desire – that is, Time, which is Fear, which is Pain, insecurity, insufficiency and frustration, which is doubt…which is fragmentation. Which ultimately is distance from ourselves.


We think we are Absence. Absence striving to Presence…and in this uncanny process of striving, we create nothing but even more absence…more havoc…more infelicity.

So don´t wish to read these lines – you are already doing that!




Reality is wholeness

For most people, “Wholeness” is a mere futile concept, like music for the deaf. They are “deaf” to reality insofar as they take thought for Life.

Thinking – as we know it – cannot consequently grasp “Wholeness”. We can´t heal unless we question and eventually give up thought-identity.

Insanely difficult…- as this is our most precious heritage – our very Identity is and
stems directly from Thinking.

I don’t know what you mean by “give up thought.” Have you experienced this?

I write only about things I have directly experienced.

Most assuredly, I have always wondered what it was meant by “Learn to die before you die”. I have lately understood: it is for sure the greatest challenge for man – to give up the false ego – that is, the wrong immemorial identification with THOUGHT! Thought is with other words, the “me”- identity which is so treacherously opposed to the totality of Life.

TO GIVE UP THE THOUGHT-MADE IDENTITY… – it is not less than a heroic act of courage as I come to realize that Thought has eventually nothing to do with Life…Thought is the greatest barrier to know Reality. In fact, ultimately, I see thinking as the worst disease invented by man, to defend himself from The Wholeness of Reality.

Yes…Thought which is self-imposed psychological Time – our shield defending us from directly experiencing Life.

Knowing you as You

Where there is total interruption of time, linearity, and thought, in that immediate perception Fear ceases its existence…- and the dream of duality ends.
First when Fear is dispelled, Being shines in its original being-ness. And what is “left” then, is pure Knowing, knowing you, as You…

When Time dies, Fear dies

When Fear dies, Strife dies.

When Strife dies, Conditioning dies.

When conditioning dies, THE LOVING YOU ARISE.

Creativity and self-doubt

The Real Dream is timeless – dreamless creation.

When we fall into the illusion of time, we are out of touch with Dream and Creativity,
becoming the victims of self doubt.

Self-doubt creates time. Indulging in time, is inducing in self doubt…

Are you happy to remain unhappy?

I experience an ever-growing and impending feeling that EVERY SECOND IS IMPORTANT! Unspeakably valuable. This second has nothing to do with time. Time doesn´t create value –  VALUE IS THE REAL TIME – and Value is this second, the real timeless time.

WHAT ARE WE GIVING THIS SECOND TO?… What is really building us up, and what is not…? Can we seriously and attentively approach this question? What counts and what doesn´t?…What has a real value?

Is there any value in suffering?…- Or Real Value can be perceived only when you´ve done away with suffering?

I see every day people stubbornly clinging and holding on to their destructive patterns. Many of them claim they want to “change”, but the truth of the matter is that they love to be in the obscure zones, they like it there. Issues are their motivation. Darkness feels home, it´s there many thrive.

If you tell them that change is possible, they seem to listen but in fact, they don´t.

They inertially continue to create suffering for themselves and others. So strange it is – they would never admit it, but it appears that secretly, people want to suffer. They love their tormentors. They love by turns to be either executioners or victims. Indeed, identification with suffering has been going on for millennia. How can we understand that since Pericles´ time, almost 2500 years ago, humanity has had more or less only madmen as leaders? What does it prove?…


Since immemorial time man thinks he deserves to suffer.

Can we question this entrenched highly perverted conditioning? Do we really want to assume this
insidious issue seriously? Can you see that there is no value in delusional identification with suffering??

For sure, Suffering is time. It can only exist in time. When you give up and let go of your identification with time, suffering is automatically dissolved. In that timeless state you will get to know The Ineffable Second I am talking about.

A new step, a new intent – a second, it´s all it takes.

So I ask you:

Do you want to take this step towards renewal?


What is time?


Very true, although it’s a truth that takes time to fully realize.


Time is the outcome of our perception. Our perception stems from fear and resistance. I am speaking about psychological time here. When we fail to see the urgency of a problem, we kind of ignore it, pushing it somewhere in the “future”. So Time means actually postponing – that is, the interval between us and the problem we want to avoid.

In the long run time brings even more confusion to the that particular problem we avoid, it kind of enhances the gap, the resistance within. Subsequently, whatever true realization happens Now. In this insight time stops, and what is beyond time makes Itself known. True action is understanding the above.
I am aware that this may sound a little overwhelming, but I am sure that if you read this carefully, you will know…;)

The mirror of this moment

Good things are worth waiting for, they say. The risk is, you can wait forever…

For most people, future is postponing and escaping now. So sad, they are frustrated now, and so will they be in the future, as Future is nothing but the mirror of this moment. If you ponder this, there is nothing you can reach “later”- you have to start now, feeling the way you want to feel.

Learn to stay with the moment the way it is, the moment is in fact everything you have. Never sacrifice this moment for a “better promise” in the future. Promises remain most often, nothing more than empty promises.

Know that the really good things happen always spontaneously, synchronistically, NOW…

I take it again: