I suppress my humanity therefore I am

Once one no longer is connected but loses touch of the real, – to the natural immediacy of life – not only that one becomes estranged to the natural course of living, but one begins to vehemently fear, suppress, and, much worse, reject whatever entails to be human: urges, real needs, emotions, indeed, regular stuff which makes us human beings.

To be HUMAN today, to express yourself as such, has become an almost unreachable task. A luxury of sorts. A daunting taboo. You are being therefore constantly misunderstood and punished. Repudiated and in due time, excluded. I for one, feel like a disappearing species.

It is a highly irrational – not to say insane – and, from a basic outlook, a thoroughly maladjusted age. It´s kind of “I suppress everything in me, therefore I am”…

The baffling paradox is that on one hand, people have become utterly greedy and miserable, and on the other hand they settle for insidiously vapid and simplistic stuff with no significance whatsoever.

Humans of today are irrevocably caught in a bad dream, but at the same time, despite sensing and knowing this, they´d do anything to defend this idiotic scenario.

So we live virtually. Virtual being actually a synonym for escaping one´s human predicament.