No standpoint – a koan for you

For the ones who don´t know:

koan is a special kind of Zen riddle.

Koans are not to be solved with the mundane, limited logical mind, they are meant to suspend the intellect, to put it in a state of vacuum, out of which the secret totality of life can emerge. A koan is indeed an opportunity to look deeply into one´s real nature, and “think” without thinking.

So let us consider this:

Your standpoint makes your perspective. My question to you is:



What is wrong living?

The core of the matter is that if you try to alleviate or improve a symptom, you will live probably a little better, but still remaining in the same situation that produced the trouble.

The problem has arisen long before the physical or psychical actualization of it. “Wrong” living, inevitably leads to precarious emotional, spiritual and physical health. Wrong living is disease. Most people fail to see this. Nothing happens randomly as everything is intertwined.

Accordingly, as long as our way of living in its totality, is out of tune, some individual attempts won´t make any perceptible difference.

When the collective soul is sick, the individual is sick. And vice versa.