Can we break free from inner and outer blockages through Art?

Nothing is definitively said or done.

To dare consider everything anew, to “seize” the moment
as an inspired improvisation – to question and examine it all out of a sense
of freedom and not going by the rule.

Life is about jazz, nay, LIFE IS JAZZ, yet very few seem to see or want to understand this.

Sadly, everyone wants to play it safely, and the consequence is that true expression
has become almost anarchic in our days.

Conformity is safety… I want to ‘play jazz’ yet how can I when I do not where the notes start, how the tune goes…? :-)

I have been more aware, and as you say, aiming for true expression recently… it is harder than it seems, when you are consciously aware of behaviour/thoughts/feelings, because past patterns are so tightly held that is hard to see past them, to understand where and how to break free.

First we must see, before we can change.

Take the Change and in the process you begin to see – that´s the way it goes.

Who in you wants “to understand”?…Give it thought…

It is in actual fact the “inner authority”, this thief in you which is the past, the ubiquitous conditioning, the societal voices keeping you captive, hating change, preventing you from letting go and finding out.

These patterns are terribly difficult to break, I know that well.

Please listen!

YOU HAVE TO STOP BEING “AWARE”…WHAT WE IMAGINE BEING AWARENESS IS AN ILLUSION. That because “True Awareness” is beyond any conscious pursuit, it actually belongs to the so-called unconscious mind.


Write first and analyze after! – that´s the way it goes.

Trust your gut feeling IN THE SECOND! Only in total spontaneity you can fathom something…

You don´t need to know HOW THE TUNE STARTS, or how it goes…just start.

Hum if you have to, hear the sounds around you, talk senselessly, hit any rhythm with
your fingers…

This is the ultimate truth: LIFE OBEYS NO PREDICTABLE PATTERN…simply dare admit that.

Don´t try to break free – you are actually free. You just are finding out this now.

Do we hear each other?

Realityenchented says:

I do follow your thoughts.

We are good ranters and poor hearers.
We learn poorly.
We get emptier this way.
Love re-named a monologue.
Men! I’m stuffed.
I hear you loud and clear.
I think I hear you.

I hope I hear you.


There is no doubt about that:
I hear that you hear. And your hearing reaffirms my thoughts. These thoughts seem to be
your thoughts as well, and that makes me hopeful and grateful.

Albeit our present rather scary predicament, we are a few who start to hear each other – and that is the beginning of true change. When a handful of dedicated souls start hearing, this world has a fair chance to undergo a real transformation…


Pray we be hearing right. Else we be just another group of deluded fellows who think they see.

Perhaps the whole world will change.
Or perhaps many will still resist the wake-up cry, numb to the reality of it all.


Reality as it presents itself right now, is disheartening. Unquestionably,
it has never been so critically desperate and depressing – seemingly irredeemable I would say, it sure
takes guts to admit this.

Are we another group of deluded fellows?…How can we know…? What I know, is that there is an unwavering certainty within me, an inner reassuring voice which never fails me. When I hear it, I know that I hear. And I also hear when I am heard…

For sure, many will keep resisting…playing numb and

The question is – will we resist…?

Will you…?