Togetherness and a new definition of Love

She says:
“I hear, I know, I just don’t know what next step, just now… Only now.”

It is great to hear that YOU HEAR. Mindful listening is real knowledge. I don´t know either what the next step is.

What I know is that it´s vital to keep the flame of communication alive. Change will happen due to this our readiness to acknowledge and back one another.

To reciprocate each other – to have that distinct blissful sense of being given back to oneself. Listening attentively to each other, heeding each other, share… In that mutual interest and trust a New Inspiration and New Implementable Ideas may blossom.

Isn´t this the most wonderful definition of love? I give yourself back to yourself. You give myself back to myself. We give ourselves back to ourselves. What a great joyful mystery! We grow through our readiness to see “the other”, to see each other through the eyes of Love not through fear and prejudice.

Who are you in the other´s nearness? Who do you become in that encounter…?
Don´t be afraid!

Just know: the other is not a threat, the other is your unknown potential he or she awakes in you.
So don´t avoid “the other”, cause you´re avoiding you.