Transcending loneliness and present-day alienation

“How can a person who is “alive” live in a world that is “dead”
and not feel lonely and alienated?” asked me blueangelwolf.

Isn´t this a very essential question, if not, THE most essential, when you are
a decent person living in today´s world?

Erich Fromm considers the same predicament:
A person who has remained a person and not become a thing, cannot help feeling lonely, powerless, isolated in present-day society. He cannot help suffering, even though he can experience moments of joy and clarity that are absent in the life of his “normal” contemporaries.”
Further on:
“Not rarely will he suffer from neurosis that results from the situation of a sane man living in an insane society, rather than that of the more conventional neurosis of a sick man trying to adapt himself to a sick society.”

The following line is very illuminating and highlights the point I want to make:
“In the process of going further in his analysis, i.e of growing to greater independence and productivity, his neurotic symptoms will cure themselves.”

With other words, you can grow to such aliveness, gradually healing to such an extent,
that despite living in this dead world, you will reach the point of feeling neither lonely nor alienated. Along with it, you will naturally heal everyone coming your way.

I have to admit that I am the first to question the truth of my last paragraph.

But even if my reason considers this far-fetched, my Inner Voice
assumes this to be true beyond any doubt.
Most assuredly, despite being very much aware of the critical state of things, you may step by step come to realize that your distress of having been lonely along with the uncanny estrangement you once felt, are latterly nothing but loose memories.

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The Most Important Question

Sometimes you come to the point where beyond the argument of deluded
self-importance, extravagance or bloated subjectivity, you simply know that the
current viewpoint promulgated by science or “spiritual” authority
 is “wrong”,
and you are “right”.

After all, there is no map to anything…

If you want to find out Who You Are and what Your True Destiny is about, you have to question Tradition and Societal Norm which are there to hinder, restrict and discourage you from finding yourself and what is right for you – your individual path.

Most people are never really “born” as they blindly follow the mainstream – “mainstream” meaning failure and perdition for individuality.

If you don´t wisely challenge and rebel against the present order, finding your most specific individualityyou are lost – you will miss the whole point with Life.

Can you thus assume the responsibility of knowing this, of trusting your inner voice and not the rational and dogmatic bunkum of conformity, even if that means derision, tribulation, humiliation and loneliness?

The price is huge, but BEING WHO YOU REALLY ARE IS HOMECOMING – the real answer to it all.


What means Education?

”Education” comes from “educere” which means literrally, to bring forth what it is inside of you. So if you are a stundent, tell your teacher this truth stated here!

Knowledge is not about ingurgitating random facts. The school should help us discover WHO WE ARE! Whoever doesn´t manage to inspire you and bring forth your specific talent, is a bad teacher.

So, trust your inner voice, in the contact with your inner source  you will know what education you think you need.