To be happy is your true obligation to yourself

I wonder, is ‘happiness’ necessary? Paraphrasing the Tibetan Buddhists, they say that, we all have “entitlement issues” when we think that we *ought to* be happy, or that we’re entitled to be happy. For instance, Pema Chodron asked, where is that written? Show me where the wisdom traditions promised you, that you would get to be happy..

Let´s make it clear:

No tradition, no dogma or authority can ever point to what Happiness is.
That because Happiness is Aliveness, that is, something that cannot be either
labeled or “derived from”.

Doubtlessly, most of us have “entitlement issues” – but that is not the issue here.

The fact is that everybody answers according to his conditioning which they
take for “truth”.

The question is:
How can we ever find something objectively, if we are prejudiced by
other people´s premises? Are we to believe any authority if we engage
in a real quest?

Pema Chodron said this, whoever else – christians, jews or atheists – said that,
but what eventually counts is – WHAT DO YOU SAY YOURSELF?

What do I say?…

So I ask you: Is happiness necessary?

Or let me put it this way: Is conditioning necessary?

If you ask me, whether it is necessary to be happy, I would say that
not only it is necessary, but that IT IS FUNDAMENTAL TO BE HAPPY!
To be happy is our true “obligation” to ourselves.

As it is an inseparable part of Who We Really Are, Happiness is not a goal to be reached, as conscious pursuit and goal-setting only breeds and enhances further conditioning.

The more I strive to be “happy” – or anything for that matter -, the more prone I am
to “entitlement issues”.

Consequently, the only thing we “ought” – our only true obligation – is to fully and
investigate into the nature of Conditioning.

And where Conditioning ends, Happiness begins…

Our very perception fails to grasp what Life or Happiness is about

The pursuit of happiness makes us utterly conceited and hollow. Totally self-absorbed. Just look around to all these haunted miserable souls trying to chase Happiness…creating nothing but further misery and desolation for themselves and the world.

Unhappy seeking to be happy, THIS INSANE SEARCH FOR HAPPINESS is one of the underlying reasons – if not THE reason – for the ubiquitous destruction of the planet.

Can´t we just grasp this…?

Happiness is not an image or a goal, not a projection, not a quest…- something to wish for.

Happiness has no thought, no knowledge, no purpose… It is not to be found within the realm of “the Known”, cause the known is repetitiveness, which derives from the pursuit of safety, restriction and vindication.

His comment:
First, I don’t yet see how we had to go in the negative in order to understand what happiness is. We could just have directly explained it to make issues run more smoothly, no?
There are many issues I would have loved addressed, but I guess I’d do well to remember that this was YOUR explanation of happiness. Please, I do not wish to make waste of your efforts by saying I don’t quite see your definition of/perspective on happiness clearly.
Oh, and we ended up trying to analyse the meaning of the word happiness – semantics. This is even more so, given that your explanation of happiness is quite strange to me.
Tell me if you kindly might, please: what was wrong with my question you didn’t answer on how doing simple things like eating a good meal makes us feel pleasurable and contented. Was it too simplistic a view to happiness, or what…?

PS. Pardon some grammatical errors in my response above please.

My answer:
First, I have nothing to excuse as I like errors. Errors are more fun than a so-called “perfect” text.

Now…The really “big” things in life, like Love, Truth, Happiness – cannot be defined, as they totally surpass language, mundane comprehension and concept; hence, in order to get an inkling, we have to approach them in a “negative” way – that is, through negation.

Whatever explanation is likely to be misunderstood. There is thus nothing to explain, as whatever we explain, is dead. Yes, our definitions kill life…- can you see this…? Whatever I explain or define, is but a mere projection, and never! The Real Truth.
Try to explain the beauty of the chirping nightingale…or the scent of the lonely night flower…

Again, Nothing of real value can ever be explained. It can only be intimated…You as a poet should know this already.

I do understand though that my words seem “strange” to you, as we are stuck in concepts, language and semantics, and we have a hard time to put aside and go beyond our entrenched perception of reality.

The truth of the matter is that there is hardly anyone today to have transcended the limited conditioned perception of what we call reality, as this is the only way to know what “Unaltered” Happiness is about.

There is nothing wrong with the so-called “simple things” which make us feel pleasurable and contented. They are not “simplistic” at all…

They can be though, only if we are to use them as a measure for Eternity and for the unfathomable Mystery which is Life and Happiness.