It takes great courage to recognize when certain things are over

Many either fail or are reluctant to admit this truth,
and in no time, they are over too.

The age of arrogant stupidity

When it comes to generally embraced truths, you many times feel that something is deeply wrong, yet you can´t identify or less define it…you are short of any suitable words to forward your point.
It happens so often when I speak to different people:
You are being presented with whatever official version of any current subject, and you feel they are lying, yet they are far from knowing they are lying to themselves.

So what on earth do you do…?
If you question their truth, trying to engage in a debate, trying to identify a more sustainable course of action, you are being laughed at and radically dismissed.

The arrogance and self-sufficiency you encounter everywhere is terribly discouraging.
This is the case with both the man in the street to the highly appointed culture representatives or government officials.
Really, the present narrow-mindedness is appalling.

Vehement stupidity, bigotry and compliance. Everywhere.
We live in a society governed by a bunch of pompous fools.


Norm is a preconceived idea based on Fear

I wrote this some time in February. I am never sure as to the truth of my own words – I am the first to doubt and question myself. I understand first now that what I wrote back then, is highly pertinent. I was right without knowing it. The joy is huge: Now I simply know.

Mirrors of Encounters

We preciously and stubbornly hold on to the Idea of normality but actually, Life – or “what is” -, can never fit into “normal”, as it can never conform to any preconceived idea.

Angel Heart:
A well-known phrased question “What is normal?” Since nothing in existence has a value of its own, everything is relative in terms of how something is perceived, experienced and received etc. No two people are the same, so how can there be a ‘norm’, just doesn’t make sense.

Since common man lives in constant self-denial and irretrievable projection,
we have been taught that things have a value of their own. With other words, the essential is the imposing Idea, The Thing, while the Observer – the subject – has little importance, if any…Obviously, we do live “externally”, as long as the subject – the real sense of I-ness – is at best unconstellated, 

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Seeking is projection

Emvy :
I myself don’t like to consider truth as dead but…yet to be found. I’m a seeker and shall always, till the end… yes till my dead continue in hope that …….. there are answers in life yet to found.


Truth is alive IN THIS VERY SECOND. As long we push truth away sometimes in the future, how can it be other than dead…?

That´s the way we “live” our lives…Always later…Always postponing. Always hoping…

There is nothing to be “found”, unless you find it now…

Whatever we do, we flee this here and now…Our so-called “action” is always re-action. Meaning that we constantly prepare for more unhappiness which we call “hope”.

So what do you think this seeking will bring you other than more “seeking”?…

The end is the beginning and the beginning an end…- in every single breath. Yes, we seek because we are afraid to find. To find What Is. But of course, this very insight scare us like hell…It is taboo to accept and see ourselves EXACTLY the way we are in this present moment.

So stop seeking! Stop seeking if you want to find…– answers can come to you once you are fully aware of yourself in full acceptance. Have no expectations, otherwise the “answers” you will get will be just mere projections.

Seeking is projection: ego fooling itself.


Bliss is never the outcome of an ideal

Indeed, we have created the ideal. But now it all depends on what Ideal means to each human being. I saw ideal as a goal, as a worthwhile higher aim to strive for. This however, does not deny each and everyone´s need for more.


Truth can never be an “ideal”, that is, it can never be “relativized” – though this is what we assume all the time: “it depends on what Ideal means to each human being”.

With other words, you claim that everyone is free and has the right to imagine anything.

Escaping Life, is manifested in myriad forms and expressions, but escaping – that is,
fear – remains one and the same for all.

I am not necessarily pointing here to factual reality – man needs food, shelter, etc. – but to the psychological state of things.
This inner need “for more” is ideal – can you lucidly see this?

The yearning for “more” – that is to acquire, to accumulate knowledge or money, to be someone, to have a name, to be or not to be something – implies escaping What is. This obsessive search for safety, which itself is generated by fear, is desire seeking fulfillment. Craving for “more” is Ego in its eternal discontent.

“More” is the derivative of dissatisfaction, isn´t it quite clear?

Just ponder:

You must for sure have had moments of great fulfillment, moments in which “more”
or “less” was superfluous. You weren´t searching anymore, as you were deeply satisfied.

You were Blissful in those moments of deep contentment. For sure, Bliss is Presence, presence which is a mighty Joy, an unwavering Peace.

This presence does not belong to becoming, projection or future. Becoming and achieving in time is subterfuge, it is escaping into our own image, never the truth – the Bliss – we are talking about.

What kind of person are you, if you stick with appearance only?

There are moments when Life feels totally surreal. A theater for wicked fools.
An unfathomably vicious phantasm.
You say to yourself in amazement that “No, it is too absurd, it cannot happen”…

And yet IT HAPPENS, it´s no dream…it is right there, in front of you.
There is no choice other than SEE IT and accept it´s there.

It feels as if you are the only one to see it though…

The others see it too, all right, and yet pretend to not see nor understand… 

They are all stuck in appearance. They know they are, yet they take it as the only way…

For you, there is no longer any consolation in lie and self-deception.
Appearance only, doesn´t feed you any longer…

You are totally on your own.

You and this Weird Voiceless Truth. It howls within, but it is mute…- like an icy echo.

Utter despondency. This loneliness feels unbearable, this pain overwhelming.
It seems to be your only share – you´re the only one to see and admit it…

Yes… – people know and understand…Yet they are afraid to admit they understand…

Failing is man´s constant predicament

We invariably search outwardly what is only to be found within.

People simply refuse this simple truth. So they keep on looking and looking…failing repeatedly.
The more they fail, the harder they try.

Isn´t it sad to waste your precious life looking for something where you know beforehand that it´s nothing to find…?

Few words to Bex and to you

You see,

If my words reach out to you and you really get what I mean, it´s all fine with me. Just realize that in this second, it´s irrelevant if others exist or not.
This is after all something between you and me:

I exist NOW as I write to you, you exist now reading this…That`s all it counts in this moment.
There might be not such thing as universal truth, but there is Truth…

I hear it…Do you?…

Society and conditioning

Society is a sum of all the restrictions, inhibitions, fears and interdictions that have been imposed on us for trackless time. This twisted legacy we can feel deep in our souls. It is our identity.

It is there – inside of us that the real struggle takes place. These inner foes are blind, harshly inertial forces incredibly tough to deal with; to let go of them requires incredible courage, perseverance and ingenuity… Leting go of them means also to drop our so-called identity. A difficult task. After all, this False Identity has been our abode, it is something which has had us in its grip for millenia.

That´s why confronting and letting go of these timeless evil shadows is a hellishly troublesome process. It involves a lot of pain. In this sense, becoming a child again means having the courage to let go of the “known”, confronting the unknown, dropping deliberately prevalent falseness and humbly and faithfully trust Life – one is guided towards something which is not yet “established”. In this process you become also a new type of grown-up. By giving up this timeless falsehood, we become the “perpetrators” of a new individual and collective identity.

Quoting Paul

THE NOT SO UNCOMMON DENIAL OF TRUTH IS A GIGANTIC PROBLEM. How can intelligent, fact based opinions be made off of lies?

Why aren’t the people curious anymore? Our natural state is one of curiosity. Children are curious, but we grow up indoctrinated and unlearn concern.

I purposefully question everything. People just take television to be the truth, no questions asked. People do not think independently anymore. What ever happened to exercising some healthy skepticism every once in awhile?