A life spent in illusion is not worth living

And yet…
Deprive them of their illusions
and they’ll fucking kill you.

I lie therefore I am

Everybody is prone to help you getting on with your lies, but hardly anyone will validate, encourage and back you to fulfill your inherent Truth.

Stop being so privative

No matter if it’s joyful or saddening,
the slightest reminder of any truth, is
necessarily perceived as ‘negative’.

The beginning of wisdom

“The only thing I know is that I nothing know”, says Socrates.

Let´s replace “know” with “perceive” and see what we get:

The only thing I perceive is that I perceive nothing right.

That´s the greatest insight. The advent of Truth.

Truth is the biggest threat

The biggest tabu.

Lets´s face it:

Truth triggers an inward thorough transformation – a way with no return.

We better die than have the courage to undergo an inner revolution.

Never let others discourage you – follow your inner call despite their harsh criticism

I enjoyed reading this: julienmatei.com/2013/11/28/how-to-recognize-the-loser/

It is the truth, what you have written. I know a whole lot of people who feel entitled to what they have not created on their own. For many years I have listened to people tell me that my writing is way too “out there” for “regular” people to understand, which makes me always ask “what does someone’s ability to move their bowels on a regular basis have anything at all to do with my writing? What are you trying to tell me?” but always, I have never stayed around long enough for the answer.

I have been lifted, emotionally and spiritually, by what you have written here.

This world is unfortunately overfilled with pretentious sloths – people who assume no responsibility for Who They Truly Are, who never want to do anything real…

People living by default. People who deliberately refuse to engage in anything
sincere – whose sole interest is to guard their safety, wholeheartedly committing themselves to being no one.

As you say, they feel entitled to reiterate only what others have created.

The huge problem is that they all want to bring you down at the same level of inane nothingness.

Meaning that the only thing they specialize in is to criticize and discourage those doing something real. “Be like us – a failure. Who do you think you are?…Don´t you dare do or be anything authentic, cause than you make me realize the daunting truth that I am flop.”

I have listened to those empty morons all my life too. But not anymore. I speak and live my truth no matter what.

Most of the subjects I write about – like this one – are not approached anywhere else,
as far as I know.

These things are true as far as it concerns me, but don´t know if another person sees the verity of my writing – gaining something from it.

That is why I am so pleased to hear your words. So grateful. After all, this is my hope and highest aim:

To lift myself and others to greater emotional and spiritual awareness.

The age of arrogant stupidity

When it comes to generally embraced truths, you many times feel that something is deeply wrong, yet you can´t identify or less define it…you are short of any suitable words to forward your point.
It happens so often when I speak to different people:
You are being presented with whatever official version of any current subject, and you feel they are lying, yet they are far from knowing they are lying to themselves.

So what on earth do you do…?
If you question their truth, trying to engage in a debate, trying to identify a more sustainable course of action, you are being laughed at and radically dismissed.

The arrogance and self-sufficiency you encounter everywhere is terribly discouraging.
This is the case with both the man in the street to the highly appointed culture representatives or government officials.
Really, the present narrow-mindedness is appalling.

Vehement stupidity, bigotry and compliance. Everywhere.
We live in a society governed by a bunch of pompous fools.


As long as we are untruthful to ourselves hurting ourselves, we are hurting the others, transgressing the laws of Love

Do you ever feel as though you are all on your own and there is nobody to help you?

Just how I have been feeling lately… irritated, trapped. Yet I am not on my own – partner, family, friends… so how can I be feeling ‘on my own’? Is it selfishness? In wanting to ‘break free’ to scream, lash out, rage, am I doing disservice to my family? Is it selfish to feel this way? Or is it – perhaps – enlightened? To admit these feelings, to own them, to feel the truth of them?
Everything around me irritates me – the shops with their useless shinies designed only to part us from money; the passing conversations of those fallen/falling prey to such consumption; the tv ads, the little cliques of mothers…
All is Illusion. How does one deal with knowing illusion, when all others still see nothing but the illusion?


We are afraid to fully admit how lonely we are. We are horrified to get evidence for what we already know, that´s why we don´t express the truth.

Do you feel “on your own”?…No one but you can answer that. There is no other way than plunging into this very question.

Ask yourself that: Does choking your natural emotions bring any benefit to those near you?

It is not in the least “selfish” to express your spontaneous truth. The risk is huge though to stand for yourself, as those around us cannot engage in an intimate and meaningful dialogue, and they usually sanction and demean us for being honest. They will discard us exactly just the way they were once discarded.

In my case, every time I try to speak with my girl-friend about impending matters, she raises the voice, making me feel guilty for posing those questions.
If we split, I am afraid to feel even more lonely. But this is sheer self-delusion,
as I am already on my own, as she cannot take the truth of who I really am.

Everybody is unfolding his agenda. There is no real contact, because the only thing we know is to lie to ourselves, to be in constant fear of the consequence of openly stating our truth.

What kind of true relation can we speak about, as we irretrievably hide ourselves?…

So again:

In not breaking free, not lashing out, not letting out your rage, you are above all doing a disservice to your Self. And as long as you hurt yourself, you hurt those near you.

So it is not selfish but really enlightened to admit these feelings, to own them,
to feel the truth of them.

To not be really alive, to constantly hide our potential, frustrating ourselves of our natural urge indulging in a self-demeaning role, is highly upsetting. How can you be other than irritated?

You are tired of everything around because all people around are engaged in the same phony masquerade.

As to your last question: “How does one deal with knowing illusion, when all others still see nothing but the illusion?”

Don´t “deal” because trying to deal you reinforce the distance between you and what you feel urged to do. You – like me – are very near a burst. It will come…resisting it, means disease.

To confront those around us may create a more truthful contact, or a final rupture. We don´t know, but the risk is worth taking. Otherwise we will indulge in an insidiously dark and mediocre existence.

I repeat: as long as we are untruthful to ourselves, hurting ourselves, we are hurting the others, transgressing the laws of Love.

Seeking is projection

Emvy :
I myself don’t like to consider truth as dead but…yet to be found. I’m a seeker and shall always, till the end… yes till my dead continue in hope that …….. there are answers in life yet to found.


Truth is alive IN THIS VERY SECOND. As long we push truth away sometimes in the future, how can it be other than dead…?

That´s the way we “live” our lives…Always later…Always postponing. Always hoping…

There is nothing to be “found”, unless you find it now…

Whatever we do, we flee this here and now…Our so-called “action” is always re-action. Meaning that we constantly prepare for more unhappiness which we call “hope”.

So what do you think this seeking will bring you other than more “seeking”?…

The end is the beginning and the beginning an end…- in every single breath. Yes, we seek because we are afraid to find. To find What Is. But of course, this very insight scare us like hell…It is taboo to accept and see ourselves EXACTLY the way we are in this present moment.

So stop seeking! Stop seeking if you want to find…– answers can come to you once you are fully aware of yourself in full acceptance. Have no expectations, otherwise the “answers” you will get will be just mere projections.

Seeking is projection: ego fooling itself.


Our true potential hides behind our lies

metzgerg4 says:

“Finding the Truth is good work though.

I just saw the Julian Assange film about his search for truth….How far will you go?”

The question is not how “far”, but how NEAR will I go?…

Distance is underlying all our endeavours…

We all want to reach far…but very few – if any – have the guts to find out and look closely at what is near.
How can we ever come far if we don´t know what near-ness is?…

I have given you punctual answers to your questions, posing in my turn other questions to you.

You see, we want the Truth, but often stop midway, cause Truth about ourselves may show to be rather unpleasant…

The challenge for you is to leave out what Assange or whoever else says or does, and engage instead in a REAL DIALOGUE with me, assuming these very questions and answers. To dare unfold them all the way.

Your readiness of succinct and pervasive approach to these matters makes the whole

Truth or Hypocrisy?

We wouldn´t have this overwhelming amount of lies and imposture in the world, if
every individual 
took the trouble to examine his personal life…Then,
we wouldn´t need any Julian Assange, or, for that matter, no Julien Matei either.


So my question to you is:

How Near will you go…?