Are you with or against It? Are you connected with it or not?

The question is utterly complex yet blatantly simple.

Let´s face it: most people are not. Their only raison d’etre is fighting against the living stream, thwarting and twisting it, insofar as they frustrate themselves of their healthy impulses in a foolish search for a safety, safety which doesn’t exist but in their fearful minds.

So again:

Move naturally with this huge stream and thrive, or fear it – living in constant turmoil and angst?

Depression – the most wide-spread issue in today´s society

It is difficult, if not impossible to bring this subject to general attention. Despite the fact that everybody at some point suffers from it, due to shame or bad conscience people refuse to have a fair discussion about this.

The healing solutions society offer – medication and therapy – are short-lived and
don´t solve the problem. There are very few willing to admit, but the widespread symptom of depression is clearly a sign that society itself is diseased.


Nobody admits that though, as that would mean that people assumed their individual
and societal failure.

Thus, if you want to heal, you have to heal the whole society – which, of course, seems
like an impossible undertaking.

What is obvious is that you simply have to find impossible solutions to an impossible problem.
You are literally groping around if you want to find veritable answers.

You may seem forced to look way beyond the general belief hold by everyone and
delve into very uncomfortable questions, if you want to find a way to recover.

You are totally on your own.
But against all odds, if you heal, you heal the whole society. 

I know from personal experience what Depression means.

I have suffered from it most of my adult life. First now after years and years of intense searching  and unimaginable hard work, I am finally onto something which seems to cure me.

The point is that if I manage to heal myself, I think I might be able to help others with the same predicament.

It is indeed inhumanly difficult to take up such a huge subject-matter and condense it in few words. But here is some worth-while reflection I wrote to a friend who is in the process of tapering himself off of his psychiatric medication.  

“I am very pleased to hear about your decision. It means that you are no longer giving your power away to some phony substitute – namely medication -, which is nothing but a means of keeping you numb and estranged from yourself, but you have the guts of facing “the problem” directly.

The process of healing depression entails confronting What Is in total, “choiceless” attention, seeing what is, but at the same time, dispassionately disidentifying from
what is. 

It is indeed the art of bringing unwavering Attention in the middle of turmoil. 

It is not easy at all…

You see, depression can exist only “in time”. If you manage to “suspend” time, you may find instant relief. “Relief” means actually feeling and coming in direct, immediate contact with your real Life-force Now. With your unadulterated emotion.

You may feel some glimpses at first. First it´s like a whisper, but these whispers become more and more palpable.

Each time you acquire and sense the relief of healing, the more confidence you have that you can do it. 

It is done somehow in stages. 

Don´t rush, let the process take care of itself. Take it step by step. Let it happen.
Let it unfold.