Can we define “ugly”?

Like Beauty, the Ugly is in the eye of the beholder. 

Beauty understands and incorporates ugliness. Can the ugly in its turn, ever perceive beauty?…

Really, why is modern man so ugly?

This blatant lack of personality and expression you encounter everywhere, emotional absence, those empty kind of glances, sufficiency and frightening vanity…All these countenances you see around with no trace of passion, presence or interrogative awareness…

Yes, ugliness is inarticulate and vapid, but the ugliness I talk about is ugly not because it is “ugly” but because intrinsically, IT IS ABSENCE – and Absence is neither beautiful nor ugly

Unfortunately, vividness can hardly be described. Yet, in the nearness of Beauty

though, there is order, there is a sense of balance, a poignant and benignant vibration.

In the nearness of ugliness there is an overwhelming feeling of disproportionate inutility, disorder, unbearable flatness and appalling tastelessness.

Ugliness – the icon modernity prays to.

I am not fiction and neither are you

“Peace isn’t fictional place. Neither are your words.  I feel exactly what you are saying though. I don’t know if the things I am doing are mistakes, or not. I don’t know if anyone understands that. I know your questions have helped me. Hear that! It would be nice to get some honest clear feedback though at times.
So whatever you choose, thanks for the words.”

I share the same feeling:
“I don’t know if the things I am doing are mistakes, or not. I don’t know if anyone
understands that.”

Who knows…?

Maybe it´s wrong not to be totally selfish, interested only in your petty and inane undertaking.

Maybe it is wrong to hope for a new inner and outer space, some kind of new context
of Openness, Love and Free Unbiased Communication in which we all partake,
and from which we all get nourished.

Maybe it is likewise naive and wrong to believe in generosity, beauty and abundance, when everyone else is engaged in rancor, animosity, ugliness, harsh competition, struggle for resources and frustrated egotism…

I for one, cannot live with this “right” outlook on life. Not only when it comes to this,
but generally, I prefer to be “wrong” but alive.

We have to learn the hard lesson of being really honest with ourselves.
Naked honesty as to WHO WE ARE AND WANT TO BE.
If we are to remain unhappy – because we are afraid to give something, hiding behind
our ego´s walls -, or happy, giving freely of ourselves, tearing down our limits.

Yes, it is about Where we stand towards each other, in generosity or stinginess.
Without real feedback we can´t go further, it´s really pointless.

YOUR WORDS MOVE ME. You speak from a place of honesty inside of you. Yes, I do hear you…
I hear the same kind of thoughts in me too…

For the record, I have to tell you that your comment here, is among the most worth-while words I ever received – again, because you speak from your heart.

For the one living in constant war with life, Peace is fiction, something to be shunned… For the one choosing equilibrium and true emotion, my words – and yours too – may be a pointer to What Is…

A short dialogue


Does ugliness then lie in the eyes of the beholder? Also, like beauty, what is ugly to one person may be quite beautiful to another. Is the absence of personality, emotion and impression attractive, or even absolutely beautiful to some? I think it is. Not for me, however. Although I think for some humans, this blatant emotion-less shell is actually quite attractive….for one reason though – it’s awfully easy to deal with……no emotions needed.


People love so much their idleness…don’t they…?Why complicate with superfluous emotions and complex questions when we can be simple-minded, hollow and fatuous…?Of course, for the one living for the shell, every trace of depth is a threat…

Why make use of other subtle harmonies when we can indulge in a A minor chord for an hour…?

People today are like House music – no harmony, no melody just one frenzied, relentlessly idiotic rhythm that never actually starts or ends…

How this twisted reductionist way of living has become “the thing”, how this despicable wasteland can be attractive, is widely beyond my comprehension…

A thought from Rome

A friend just asked me to define “ugly”…

Not easy…but considering what I have in mind just now, I think his question makes sense and I can give him some kind of answer.

They say Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Does this apply to ugliness as well…? Can beauty understand ugliness…? Can the ugly ever perceive beauty?

As it happens I am in Rome for a short vacation. Today I went to the beach in Latina, – a little town just outside the Italian capital – together with my girl friend and her sister. As always, I sit and watch people. I may seem rather judgemental and I ask to be excused, but with the exception of some tattooed young girls who vaguely reminded me of some Etruscan statues, I couldn’t believe my eyes seeing so much ugliness around me.

What do I mean with ugliness…? Total lack of personality and expression, emotional absence, empty kind of glances, sufficiency and frightening vanity…- yes, ugliness is inarticulate and vapid,  the ugliness I talk about is ugly not because it is “ugly” but because IT IS ABSENCE – neither beautiful nor ugly… Countenances with no trace of passion, presence or interrogative awareness…Unfortunately, vividness or beauty can hardly be described. Yet, in the nearness of beauty though, there is order, there is a sense of balance, some kind of beneficial vibration.

In the nearness of ugliness there is an overwhelming feeling of disproportionate inutility, disorder, unbearable flatness and appalling tastelessness.

Ugliness is the icon modernity prays to.

The key to all there is – energy

Energy is Incessant Flow. Movement. Timeless and Eternal movement. Energy is the key to all there is. You can talk about it, but the vital thing is whether you feel it or not. Most people don´t, as civilization has cheated them, depriving them deliberately of this contact.

Your body and soul vibrate in the same music when energy is flowing. Thus, Flow is unity, unity makes all different parts vibrate in unison. This Unity is Harmony, it is Health,
well-functioning. It´s when different voices don´t fight each other, but swiftly sing and dance together in the same harmony. You might not know that the word Symphony comes from the Greek word συμφωνώ (symphono) which means to agree, to attune. Isn´t this fantastic?

Beauty is therefore harmony, a felt vibration not a mere word, beauty permeates and regulates the whole Universal Body.

When you feel Energy you can feel immediately enthusiasm. Enthusiasm means literally to breath in God…

Chaos is thus absence of unity. Chaos is when all parts or aspects are at war with each other. Chaos creates dissonance, senselessness, disease. Senselessness is disharmony, non feeling, frustration.

Chaos being dissonant, is ugly. Ugliness is the absence of harmony and unity. Chaos is absence, chaos is non feeling. Chaos at its worst is symbolic and physical Death.

Be aware, Whatever promise that makes you not feel Joy Now is nothing…Joy is timeless, meaning that if something is real, it is real because it creates Joy both now or whenever. Source is never conditioned by our measure of time. TIME HAS BEEN INVENTED AS A MEASURE OF CONTROL, remember that!

Energy means joy, when you feel joy you feel meaning, joy and meaning together convey right action cause you begin to feel when it´s the moment to act, right and joyful action is success. SUCCESS IS EXPRESSED JOY AND FREEDOM. Whoever tells you that success is hard work, is an impostor.


Learn to discern and recognize What gives energy and what deprives you of energy. Learn to recognize the ones who give you energy, cause those love you. Those who take and deprive you of energy those are your worst enemies – get rid of them immediately cause in the worst cases, loss of energy means even death. I know what I am talking about.

Without energy we are nothing. Nothing. What we have been taught by education – to compensate frustration through action, to rely on effort without energy – , is a total sham which brings only affliction and misfortune.
Without this energy we are like a fantastic device that we can´t use. Only this energy makes us real.

This energy creates real money. Money are supposed to mean sense and value. Money you haven´t earned through joy and meaningful dedication don´t bring any real benefit. Ask me – I know incredibly wealthy people whose life is a disastrous mess. Contrariwise, one dollar made in love can be the price to incredible happiness.

When you feel Meaning (energy) you act effortlessly, you attract all blessings. Where there is energy there is life. Source is Life, you feel its breath, Source is the wind, we are the surfers. Be vigilant and steady, learn to remain in joyful balance on the waves of life!