Nothing thrives in Distance

Everything in our today-world, is based on distancing ourselves from, counteracting and thwarting the spontaneously natural:

L I F E…

Whatever is genuine – our most heartfelt longing, the healthy desire, the constructive and unbridled joy – is denied and strenuously rejected.

Can you see that it’s this damn distance between me and you which is the basis of all disease, unhappiness, suffering and depression?… Indeed, it is this very absence of nearness between us, which turns all simple and obvious things – to have a home, to eat, to socialize – into inaccessible luxury…

Isn´t it so?…- when you’re not truly living, you will compensate this un-living through shamelessly high prices, right?… – it costs multum to be part of this constant punishment this society tenaciously maintains.

To stubbornly maintain and perpetuate this distance to Life, is to eliminate all healthy relation between us.

When there is no relation, we are jerking off independently – and this monstrous current masturbation, is called “living”…


To all of you reading this

I want to speak out this truth in a clear statement:


I am not trying to be someone, as I am already “someone” now, this very
moment…-inasmuch as I feel alive, connected with mySelf and with You all.

I don´t search to be “validated” by you – it´s far from my intention.

I am trying to create a forum where we can approve of and so to say, validate each other.

I don´t have the technical skills, but fact of the matter is that I wouldn´t mind turning Mirrors of Encounters into a “public” place, where everyone makes his true voice heard.

I think it is ripe time that we all come out of our hiding-place, stand up in mutual trust and start connecting with each other, creating a far more comprehensive context of true force, energy, beauty and wisdom. Something that benefits both the individual and the group in a more extensive manner.

The Evil exists and thrives in fragmentation!


Continuing living in the illusion of fragmentation – everyone to himself – brings us to total and irrevocable destruction. The sum of different fragmentations – and with fragmentation I mean frustration, unhappiness, hate, prejudice, pettiness, material
shortage – creates a prison for all of us. Creates hell on earth – like all the evil systems of Nazism, Communism and this present blind and reckless Capitalism.


Likewise, our present politicians are manifesting our existential disease, that is, our blindness as to the truth of Who We Really Are.

We have to create a new and strong sense of community, based on inter-connectedness, transparency, healthy order, sustainability and mutual endorsement and support. This sounds of course utopian, but actually either we embrace the “Utopia” of waking up to this Universal Truth, or we are doomed.

The Whole makes and consists of its parts, and the parts make the whole. When the part is wounded, the whole is intrinsically affected!!

We are thus compelled to seek to heal both the individual and the community, in
a simultaneous act!

WE ARE ALL IN THE SAME BOAT, and failing to recognize this is either arrogance or stubborn shortsightedness.


…Unhappiness purporting to be happy.

Can this be the reason for your being unhappy?

If you persist in screening out the knowledge of yourself as all that has been defined in our system of conventions as other than you, you re going to be very unhappy.

-Alan Watts

Just ponder on this

Your greatest unhappiness is your Ego´s ultimate fulfillment.

Open your eyes

The unfortunate is seldom

Beware of unhappy people!

Cause sooner or later they will
punish you for their mess
and discontent.

You have the right to be unhappy

Most humans want to punish others for their being unhappy.
Unhappiness is virtue. We live in democracy – if I suffer, I have to make you suffer.

What the hell…Suffering is our pride.

If we are miserable you must be miserable too.

An inconvenient truth

Our stupidity, cowardice, vanity, sloth and unhappiness make billion dollar business.
Alcohol, fashion, pharmaceuticals, drugs, pornography, entertainment, politics.

A thought for today

When you are totally aware of this present moment, you can´t ever possibly feel unhappy or depressed. It sort of means that both unhappiness and depression have to do with memory.

Our culture is build on memory. Unfulfillment means memory, every drama is memory as well.

Is there a drama in this very moment as you read this?

Imagine if there was no remebrance to remember…? Just presence…No “there and then” only here and now…

Unhappiness and the bad interpretor

Unhappiness is obsessive clinging of sad memories. Unhapinnes is strangely enough, the mind creating sequences of bad interpretations.

Yes, we can say that mind is a bad interpretor.