Disunity and isolation – the greatest Illusion of them all

The body itself, the flesh and blood of us, wants lots of things, food, warmth,,,then the ego individual of us wants recognition, comfort, status, in short whatever feels good…… but if there is a part of us that says, “all fine and good, and even necessary, but is there not more?” then things become shaky and uncomfortable.

I think depressions, addictions and such, either come from the ego who is not satisfied with ego wanting, or it can also come from the spirit of a person who is searching for more than ego satisfactions, in other words a soul who seeks a meaning to life itself, asks the big questions, …..like what is that spark of consciousness who is conscious of itself and yet feels so isolated? Longing for a greater unity?

The point is:

WHO in us feels isolated?…How come we feel isolated in a Universe which is anything but “isolated”…? This Isolation we feel, is it true…? Or eventually Isolation is Fear – this terrible illusion which is taken for true by millions of people.

This Illusion of isolation is the terrible dream of disunity,
of Unhappiness
– can you see that?

Think it over:

Who is uncomfortable, who in us wants “more”… is there such thing as “more” when you are at ease, completely present and absorbed in What is? – that is, when you are Unity, at one with all there is?

Can you see that this entity who dreams the dream of Isolation is Ego…?

All depressions, addictions, satisfaction-craving, entitlement-issues is Ego – dissatisfaction remaining dissatisfied no matter what…

There is meaning-seeking as long there is Ego…- that because Ego as such is a total failure, spooky meaninglessness ultimately.

It is Ego asking “the big questions”, whereas in reality from the perspective of Self, of the true Spirit, there are no questions – because:

WHO is there to ask? And who is there to answer…?

Can we for a change dare look at ourselves, stopping this pathetic self-deception?

“Truth is truh even if millions of people are rejecting it.”

I always have fathomed our present age as being utterly crazed, but I had no one to succinctly reflect back this to me, and in that, I wasn´t sure as to the accuracy of my observations, as everyone is skillfully feigning, aggressively defending his own and the societal madness.

They all penalize and make you ashamed if you dare say the truth, as nobody wants to acknowledge and assume the ubiquitous disease we presently are being confronted with individually and collectively. Our failure as species is obvious, but why humans are so radically unwilling to admit this very fact, surpasses my comprehension.

But as it happens, I have been “lead” to Paul Levy´s articles, who like no one else I know, articulates and defines exactly our present drama and a pertinent way out of it.

Such an incredible relief to find my so long censured yearning and intimate thoughts being so aptly reciprocated by his words.

Here are some excerpts.

“Our species and its civilization are currently in the throes of a collective (nervous) breakdown. If what we, as a species, are doing to ourselves (destroying the biosphere, the very life-support system of the planet, to use one example) isn’t collective madness, then what in the world is? Our underlying institutionalized and incorporated structures that are helping to keep us asleep are breaking down and coming apart.”

“We are truly a species in trauma. Traumatized, we traumatize each other as we re-traumatize ourselves, collaboratively re-enacting the repetition compulsion of the traumatized soul on the world stage.”

So whoever is interested to read more of his so enlightening article, here it is:



Despite all evidence, a single Image, a single Word, or Feeling can have  an incredible overpowering effect .

One word SAID IN THE RIGHT CONTEXT, can mean more than all the words you have ever uttered in your life.

A single picture, can incorporate so much feeling and energy, so it can become  a map for life.

A strong feeling can move mountains. Apart from being something “emotional”, a great feeling is above all, a secret abode for unthought-of  energy. Feeling in its pristine form is immense power…

Now, I will use “poetry” as a metaphor for all artistic endeavour, be music, painting etc.

Real poetry reaches into these depths, and manifests the unknown. It is like sculpting in time, but  reaching beyond time. It goes beyond plurality in the unity of all things, it deals with “oneness”.
It embodies these perennial shadows of being , “re-creates” the Inner Space, “restores” It and returns the present moment  into the light of the transcendent.

Poetry heals the soul, as it purifies it from sloth and lethargy. Expression becomes an abode for immense power and with this emotional power we can create a new context of vitality. Only in this vitality Art can unfold Itself.

So, can we cut this crazy inertia of reckless lifestyle? Can we do less, delve more into the singleness of life, and recognize the value of “ONE”?


Learn to limit yourself

To live a limitless life, is to live a life without purpose. Therefore, it is highly vital to learn how to limit yourself.

For instance, when composing a piece of music, it is about elaborating with few powerful elements. Likewise, – most of you know this very well – , if you cook something and use too many ingredients, the outcome will be awfully tasteless.

We are bombarded with things and information.

For your own good, you have to acquire the Art of Differentiation.

This skill is about deliberately choosing to focus on ONE THING AT A TIME.

Forget everything for a little moment, take one random object and just linger, watching it attentively.

I make this exercise very often, because it is the best way to get in touch with myself. In the middle of whatever activity, I stop for a while, breath and look without any specific purpose to whatever is in front of my eyes. Whatever thing I do after, I give it my full attention.

“One thing at a time” means Unity.

Unity, being one with yourself, is the key with which you investigate what Life is about.