Seeking is projection

Emvy :
I myself don’t like to consider truth as dead but…yet to be found. I’m a seeker and shall always, till the end… yes till my dead continue in hope that …….. there are answers in life yet to found.


Truth is alive IN THIS VERY SECOND. As long we push truth away sometimes in the future, how can it be other than dead…?

That´s the way we “live” our lives…Always later…Always postponing. Always hoping…

There is nothing to be “found”, unless you find it now…

Whatever we do, we flee this here and now…Our so-called “action” is always re-action. Meaning that we constantly prepare for more unhappiness which we call “hope”.

So what do you think this seeking will bring you other than more “seeking”?…

The end is the beginning and the beginning an end…- in every single breath. Yes, we seek because we are afraid to find. To find What Is. But of course, this very insight scare us like hell…It is taboo to accept and see ourselves EXACTLY the way we are in this present moment.

So stop seeking! Stop seeking if you want to find…– answers can come to you once you are fully aware of yourself in full acceptance. Have no expectations, otherwise the “answers” you will get will be just mere projections.

Seeking is projection: ego fooling itself.