Do we really need ideals?

Awake in 365 Days says:

There is so much pressure in society to be reaching these impossible ideals that make one feel in the ‘less than’ equation, even in spirituality, there’s this pressure not to be ‘unspiritual’ – your post reminds me of a saying that ‘in heaven all the interesting people are missing’.


All ideals are impossible, as whatever ideal basically denies what you are now.

Ideal breeds comparison, thus frustration -“less than” kind of equation…
”Less than” entails and calls for an authority -“more than” – to decide what is
worth striving for, worth living or dying for…

Authority can claim to know what´s best for you, and therefore control you only
as long as you belittle yourself giving your power away to it.

Thus, the very idea of pursuing any ideal creates separation, insecurity, sorrow, ultimately violence.

If I am busy to fulfill my ideal, can I ever be entirely open for anyone else?…
Most likely not, as “my ideal” and “yours” can never match each other.

Stop trying to be someone – just be yourself for a change

Everyone tries hard to be someone. If I am so self-important, someone else wants also to be important, so obviously everything becomes a constant conflict. Yes, the same goes for conflict between families, casts, groups of interest, nations – in short, everything in this life is a constant series of struggles and conflicts between different people who want to be someone empowered by a certain belief.

If I have a certain viewpoint, whenever I stubbornly hold to my ideology – be it Christianity, Buddhism, Marxism, Atheism, Freud, Jung or whatever -, this will enhance my ego and surely create conflict with another person holding another ideology.

In our present world, my belief is your threat. Your belief creates walls around you so I can´t reach you. Can you recognize and honestly question this?…Can you see that whatever “belief” is the very ground for arguments, fights and wars…?

Can you see that your avid attempt to find “your way” is often nothing more than vain conflictuality?

Whenever you work hardly to be “someone” you stress your belief, you create disharmony, imbalance, violence…Whenever you create something out of personal interest, “something else” will be the other´s answer to you.

You are always a threat for me, and me to you, as long as I hold to “mine” and you to “yours”.

Your specific way in life is given, but you cannot look for it, it´s nothing you can deliberately find. Searching creates isolation and violence. Only when you cease “trying to be” and instead, peacefully know yourself in harmony, in relation – that is, in swift  tacit accord with the other -, then and only then, you will find “your real way”.

It is the natural non conflictual way, something that is both your and the other´s gain.

Do I believe in something?…I like Christ, Buddha, Homer, Scriabin, Rembrandt, Rilke, Kandinsky and many others, but I don´t believe in any of them.

I used to be a Julien-ist but I have given up that too 🙂

What brings about a real change?

We may talk and debate endlessly and yet we see no real difference. It is exhausting to see that whatever pertinent thing you say or write is in vain…As Murphy well put it: when people say they wanna change, they become even more themselves. Let’s face it – we claim we want a change, but we don’t see the urgency of that, in reality we accept things the way they are, we continue to live with the same flaws and limits, with the same fears and neuroses, we stubbornly cling to our lies and defend our shortcomings and cowardice.

If this wasn’t the case, we wouldn’t even need the word “change”. If we were truthfully concerned with the present state of things, things would proceed swiftly and gracefully. Instead we cry change, change, change, and yet we take no action, we are not prepared to risk anything. The ones speaking most about moral and righteousness are most immoral.

I think most of us secretly like the way things present themselves: we like to be humiliated, manipulated, lied to, we like being treated like numbers and dispensable entities, because due to our sloth and convenience this is what we have become. We like to control and dominate, that’s why we let others control and dominate us. We accept easily all this tacit abuse and violence, because we refuse to stand up, face our real issues and be the masters of our own destiny.