This is a hard one: who is creating who…?

Does “the other” exist? Is the other a continuation of me…? Is it me creating the other…?
Likewise, am I a continuation of you? Do you create me…?
Could these lines have existed unless you read them?

The ones caught in illusion – are they a continuation of my own illusion?
Can I do something about “the others´” illusion?

This is the most vital question:

Can people caught in Illusion ever know what Love is…?  No, I think they can´t. Illusion is the outcome of fear, so as long as you are caught in Illusion, you can´t know the essence of Love.
Love is the antinomy of illusion…They never rime…

Consequently can the one who knows what Love is, ever reach and convey the presence of love – to “the other” who doesn´t know and doesn´t want to know this…?

Again, does the other exist? Cause if the other exists in the same field as me, than the only one to give love to, is therefore me…And when I do that, the other will probably “know”…

Is ego asleep?

Interesting question: do you think that our ego is gone while we are sleeping deeply? asks Richard.

My answer:

The state of real Awakeness is similar to being asleep. It is something reminding of a perfect rest.

The more vital question is: IS EGO PRESENT OR ABSENT this very second? Is there a way to lucidly discern that?

I believe there is.

The egoless state is “unjustified” joy, inner and outer swiftness, easiness, vivid connection in the Now, lightness of being…You feel such an inner contentment…you heed everything, every moment feels alive, but you cling to nothing – you are so composed so you can hear almost everything…hear the grass growing, as they say…The funny thing is, that the more you live the less questions you have, everything kind of turns into answers.

Living second-wise, we easily and naturally recognize when it is time to eat, work, walk or sleep.
If we are used to living a restless and egotic life, be sure that this ego will ravage while asleep.

Ask many people who suffer from insomnia and sleep disorder.
Sadly, but deep sleep is something very few people get to know nowadays.

So again – the ego doesn´t disappear while asleep – it only changes strategy :)
If we understand the nature of the Ego now, our sleep will be like our living: more and more peaceful and deep.

Why are we here?

We are here – to use Jane´s words – in intersecting time and space, to heal each other. There is no other more vital and essential, more noble undertaking than this. We heal ourselves, we heal the planet.

So be it!

May the Universe show us the way!

A vital question


What is happening really?

We are too caught in our personal story, to be able to see WHAT IS REALLY HAPPENING.

We have become the victims of our inorganic concepts so we find no real dialogue or vivid connection with one another so we can meet each others´ vital questions.

Can we put our insipid concepts behind us and be real?

What brings benefit at the end of the day?

This is the most vital question. We do things, write, say a lot of clever stuff but how many of our ideas or words become palpable reality, something that feeds and empowers us? What is required ultimately to make things come true?

If someone is hungry or thirsty, it has no relevance for that person if I depict with great skill an abundant dinner I attended to last night. Instead, if I really care, a loaf of bread or a glass of clear water would make the huge difference.

What is really required, what is the great force behind our undertakings which REALLY meets a real need for you or your fellow human being?

We are masters of depicting things which eventually have no impact, consequence or bearing in real life. We are too abstract. We are too caught in our personal story, to be able to see WHAT IS REALLY HAPPENING, in short, more often than not, we find no real dialogue or vivid connection with one another so we can meet each other´s healthy needs.

Everyone is kind of living or dying in his own language.

We have become the victims of our inane, inorganic concepts, so we should think, talk, write less and ACT MORE. We need to be more “spirit-of-fact”,
indeed, more healthily pragmatic.

We don´t eat metaphors for dinner, do we? – even if metaphor has a vital importance. We need intensity behind our undertakings, we need to constantly question our intention.

Cause INTENTION IS THE KEY WORD. If the intention is clear and well-defined, the wishes are likely to materialize.

How can we find the intention which make things happen, which can bear fruit both for you and your fellow-man? How can we surpass the barriers of limited “I-ness”, and create something universally valid, something which feeds our souls?…Can we for once create something of consequence, something which bears…?

We cannot continue pretending that “abstract dinners” mean something, we can no longer consume phantoms and insipid concepts, it is ripe time to CREATE SOMETHING FOR REAL, SOMETHING WHICH QUENCHES OUR THIRST.

The mirrorless Self

In my last post I wrote this :

“It is a hard task for me to put in words what THE SOUL WHISPERS  but my reason doesn´t fully understand.”

It means that there is some kind of inner authority within myself, whose voice I sometimes hear, and from which I learn.

As it were, I don´t hear it when I am restless, agitated or too keen to hear it.

What is this “too keen to hear, to have or be something?” As I can clearly see it, it means that if I want something badly, I will only get the reverse of my wish. The stronger the wish, the greater the distance between me and the “wished-for” reality, or experience.

 If I was to be asked what is the most important thing in life, I would answer undoubtedly: meaningful relations.

Yes, one of my greatest priorities in life is people, encounters, dialogue. To be in the company of open, intelligent, spiritually generous, unbiased persons, is a blessing.

I have to confess, that this is exactly the thing Life has refused me along the years. Such a painful paradox: the more I looked for contact and vivid connection with others, the more distance I created and the more lonely I became.

God, how I suffered because of this…Especially knowing that I have a lot to give, being always genuinely interested to understand “the other”, trying to create nearness and confidence.
I would instead attract all kind of callous, vain, vindictive cowards, who misused my interest and attention, taking without giving something back.

You could meet these persons once, to realize that next time you saw them, they would pretend they don´t know you.

So what was the lesson the Universe was so harshly teaching me?

Reaching the point of utter despair, I became aware of this hardly digestible truth:


This raises a very essential and vital question:


I wouldn´t dream of wasting time with unfruitful ruminating. It is clear that contact with Self, is contact with everything! It appears that only Self is Reality, both mirror and mirror-less.

I was forced to understand this hard lesson of turning to mySelf, to the most important authority within: the connection with this timeless inner Voice.

I still fall into the trap of looking outside for company, being the victim of my own sorrow that not more people are interested to communicate.

Yesterday I went to my usual cafe, feeling again that well-known state of despondency. I opened my blog, reading and learning from my last post and SUDDENLY, I was seized with peace and ease. I was again feeling alive and satisfied,
It was weird and confusing to observe how people around got curious and noticed my presence out of the blue, while I was totally uninterested of what was going on around me.

To conclude.

The only real authority to be trusted is contact with the Inner Voice. Contact with Self heals us from sadness, craving and false dependence. Hence, Desire is the best sign we are out of touch with this nameless Center within.

Desire – that is, too big the passion – without connection with Self  is unspeakable pain, wretchedness.

Our desires have a chance to come true only when we are in touch with the Center of our being. Contact with Self is the soothing caress of Happiness, and the connection with it heals and opens the right doors.

Happiness without craving is the only authority to be trusted.