Follow your bliss

…means actually,


Only pursuing your truest vocation, will save you
from the despondency of senselessness. That is,
from a life lived in inertia.

Pursuit creates distance between you and the thing you “pursue”

I think it’s the pursuit that screws up happiness
(James Hillman)

“Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.”

1. the action of following or pursuing someone or something.

synonyms: striving toward, quest after/for, search for;  aim, goal, objective, dream “the pursuit of profit”

More: occupation, trade, vocation, business, work, job, employment “a worthwhile pursuit”

Why make abstruse either the pursuit or happiness? Are you not in pursuit of something when you blog? Is blogging ‘a number of hits game’, like a high school popularity contest?

Happiness is not abstruse. The pursuit is.

Blogging and happiness…- let´s see:

Even if it appears so, I don´t “blog”. I just feel an intense and urgent need to express certain things which have nothing to do with pastime, recreation, business or trade.

It´s been actually many times more a matter of necessity, than a “pursuit”. The pursuit, if that can be called as such, was to keep alive – no more, no less. Is necessity happiness…or happiness a necessity?…I don´t know exactly.

Maybe the latter – it is necessary to be happy :)

Along with it, It is necessary to express ourselves.

Happiness is expression, and wanting to express yourself is no
pursuit – but a spontaneous act.

Isn´t it so?

When we really LIVE and hold nothing back from life, doing the best of our ability to fulfill our Real Call, we have enough time and are no longer afraid to die.

When we fear life, we are always short of time, and being short of time, means not pursuing our real vocation.

Quoting James Hollis

Personality, or personhood as Jung might define it, is not found in adjustment to external expectations, but in serving one’s calling in the context of our environment. This may bring one to an individual experience of being misjudged, derided, tortured, and crucified.

No wonder vocation is seldom served. And yet, and yet, something in us always knows better. Something in us, no matter how much we flee it, summons us. We may avoid it all our lives, but deep down, something knows. It knows us whether we wish to know it or not. There is no escape from this knowing though much of contemporary Western culture is a flight from knowing what, inescapably, we already know.

We will be most nearly real when we serve our vocation. We will not be spared suffering, but we will be granted a deeply felt sense that our life is right, even when suffering isolation and rejection.

That deeply felt sense of what is right for us… is how we can find it is we are to do with this precious and fragile gift of life and transcendent reality we are summoned to serve. This sacrifice of the ego will constitute our greatest gift to the world.

The sacrifice of collective acceptance, which individuation demands, is redeemed by our bringing a larger person back to the world, to our relationships and to our dialogue with mystery.

Courtesy of Monica Hassani

Your Vocation – finding the Why of your existence

When we fear life, we are always short of time, and being short of time, means not pursuing our real vocation.

Most people are afraid of life.

Always choosing out of fear – which they call necessity -, they never find their real vocation.
They never learn anything for real.

Angel Heart:
The knowledge of our true self is the key to inner content – your absolutely right! Thus, we become generous and giving, knowing that we accept ourselves and therefore others. Its simply loving.

In order to know what Self is, we need to seriously consider the Illusion of Necessity.

Now I am aware that the following questions are quite out-of-place, but give it a thought:


Linger a moment on this without fear.

Ultimately the answer is no – contrary to what is ubiquitously said,

Seeing this, we let go of the illusion of survival, and instead start To Live.
True Living is knowing implicitly the Why of your existence – and discovering the Why,
you will also naturally know your Vocation.

Yes, True Living is true Loving – as Love has nothing to do with Fear, Illusion or Necessity.

To Live Is To Know

Most people are afraid of life.

Always choosing out of fear – which they call necessity -, they never find their real vocation. They never learn anything for real.

If they did, they wouldn´t be so poor inside, so greedy, so haunted, so remarkably stingy and self-centered.

When you really live and trust life – that is, when you have done away with fear – you know and you find. Real knowledge gives you a sense of peace, of certainty, of ease, indeed, of contentment.

Inner contentment makes you generous.


A fact of life

If you don´t see the urgency of finding out Who you are and what Your Vocation really is about, if you choose not to walk on the path to self-knowledge reaching a fair and authentic relationship with yourself, well, it´s bad news, as nothing real will happen, and you´ll turn into an easily dispensable entity, your life becoming a shallow series of constant failure.