Can we redefine “the known”?

Isn’t it quite something…? When time is right, we see and heed things that were there…right in front of us and yet unobserved…

Pursuing the “New” feels many times like a very lonely path to tread, that’s why I am grateful for sharing these words with you…Yes, You… the very person reading this now.

Embracing the New, feels like a heavy task as I can’t rely on anything acknowledged, it is like fumbling after a true yet shapeless dream – I don’t know at all where I am heading to, as New flees all definitions…So sharing something with you, breaks this feeling of uncertainty and loneliness, it gives hope, enthousiasm…the reassurement that the direction is, after all, right.

A dream comes true

Indeed, in this very second I feel such an incredible far-reaching joy and gratitude. What I long wished for, and didn´t happen, now it happens. Yes, I see a dream coming true:

My eager wish to communicate and share, my desire to initiate a place where we can dare have a real debate about uncomfortable topics,
questioning things that are consciously overlooked, well…now this is happening under my eyes on Mirrors of Encounters.

It is a hard journey. Many times during the day I feel hopelessly lonely and lost, dealing with insights that almost nobody is interested to hear, accept or take up. I meant many times to give up writing here. But sometimes it´s good not to give in.

Now at last…! comments are made, when we dare exchange and share our experiences, it feels actually that we create a breath of fresh air.

As realmanure. says:  “I do not see a cure in sight for the world’s malaise. But we must live somewhere in the middle of optimism and pessimism.” Indeed, this timid voice of hope and – why not – new lucid optimism, makes itself felt. I for one, begin to breath as if a burden is being taken away from my chest. This communication is like fresh oxygen to me.

I feel it, it gives a precious feeling of promising joy and new meaning. It is still hard – working with oneself is the hardest job you can do – but now, when this wheel of communication has slowly started to spin, I can say this energy is unbelievable. IT IS REAL, this presence created out of honest communication is undaunted and  powerful.  It goes beyond this very context, into something far more comprising than we are aware.

I guess if I feel this blessed energy of real hope, it is for sure going to reach out to many others who sincerely are on the same track of Self-recover and Self-retrieving – the most mighty of all journeys.