Talking to oneself never hearing the other is called dialogue today

If you listen to something or someone, and at the same time you are being absorbed by your thoughts and inner chatting, it means that YOU DON´T ACTUALLY LISTEN. You can´t take in anything other than the noise of your mind.

You can´t possibly be watchful, be fully attentive and in the same time think. People learn almost nothing new, cause they always think, always measure, always look to gain, frantically thirsting for some kind of abstract “more”. Nothing seems to still their fierce lust.The more they look, the less they get, the emptier, more stupid and greedy they all become.

Searching without ever finding, seems to be the thing. All this frenzied looking for something, but never knowing what they search. How could they ever know, or find something, if they are irretrievably unmindful, never attentive to what is going on around them…

You watch them talk and you realize with amazement that they don´t speak to each other, but to themselves, using the other as a part of their inner dialogue. Ignoring the other, talking to oneself, is called dialogue today.

Love – like communication – entails real contact, real interest to reach out…
Sharing something today though is more like “we are together but masturbate separately.”

Alas, it takes two to be no one.