Another odd encounter

Few days ago, a friend called me to go to some exhibition.

I went. The paintings were rather dull and uninteresting, so I was wondering what was the point of me being there. I would soon find out.

 I was talking to this painter friend of mine, and among other people standing by his side, there was this lady. My friend introduced us. She was Romanian and she happened to come from the same city I come from. She had just moved to Stockholm a week earlier, due to her work.

“Julien Matei?”, she said with big eyes uttering my name. “That is really odd, the other day I was surfing around and I found by chance this blog  Mirrors of Encounters. And now hearing your name, I realize that is your blog…Yesterday I was reading your thoughts, now you stand right in front of me. “

We both laughed at this highly improbable coincidence.

Now, rationally speaking, what are the chances that an occurrence like this to take place? Out of the numberless blogs and random information on the internet, she bumps into my “Mirrors”, and the day after, these “Magic Mirrors” manifested our encounter.

I was really pleased with this coincidence for its symbolic value. I took is as a gift.  As I said earlier, I have the feeling sometimes that my writing here is pointless, I kind of speak for “deaf” years.
This encounter though, gave me hope to continue writing, as she admitted that she found my reflections valuable. It means that somewhere, there might be others who are prepared “to listen with new ears”.

The Universe works in mysterious ways, and I trust that even more now.