What if the “other’s” unlived and unfulfilled life impacts you more than you dare admit?…

What´s the point of all this pretense and dissimulation?

Everywhere, fake people doing fake things.

hakesplace: That accounts for the majority of the population – fake folks doing “for”
fake things.

pastorsvoice: Where I live, many can’t afford the rent, cannot provide food for their kids and a house with light and running water, but instead, they will show you a two hundred-dollar pair of shoes.

Me: Pure insanity…- the whole civilization in a nutshell…Basically, that´s what everybody does: wrecks playing celebrities.

hakesplace: There does not see to be a way out of this…

MeONCE YOU DON´T KNOW WHO YOU ARE, YOU FAKE…quite obvious, isn´t it?

Ubiquitous faking has taken gigantic proportions, and yes, that is undoubtedly overwhelming.

In reality, we all are waves of the whole Universe. We are not separated, we are but living expression of the Whole. The major part of humanity though, is not aware of this, and lives in total illusion…

For sure, Illusion can not save itself, right? Thus, as long as there is illusion,
there is no way out of it.

The only pertinent question is, whether you and me now, can step out of the False.

Stepping out of Illusion, means that we immediately return to the realization of All Being One, and feeling that to the very core of our heart, we simply know.

Knowing this, we can no longer fake.

Bottom line: the only “doable” thing is to be authentic, to do something that brings joy and real satisfaction in “your” life. If you and me, and the next person, start being real, as we are part of One, we will create further waves and affect “the others”, simply because – as I said before – we are the Wave.

The rest belongs to Fate…