A word to Richard about our losed interest for interaction

When virtuality becomes your reality, you are in big trouble.

When it comes to social life in Stockholm, this “practice” has become more or less nonexistent.
Everyone here suffers about this phenomenon, and yet I seem to be the only one raising
these questions.

People have neither interest nor need for natural “rubbing shoulders”, nor do they any longer know what sound and sane interaction entails…

I am pondering 1000 times a day as to WHAT is the reason for shunning each other, why people have become utterly unapproachable, self-sufficient and disinterested to meet others, because this is exactly the worst disease of our time – this blatant lack of contact. This is the reason to all shortcomings, poverty and wretchedness in all areas of public life.

Alienation, reciprocal fear of each other, denial of true and spontaneous expression, procrastination and dishonesty is modern man´s curse. We live pornographically, as passion and feeling are banned from our social vocabulary.

Real men are looked for

Who is there to teach boys how to be a man? Cause there are no real men left.  Thus, feminism is a cry for the real man – no woman would ever admit that though. The tricky thing is that, on one hand, women are yearning for passion and romance, and at the same time don´t allow that to happen, cause they feel insecure (in absence of a real man) .
That´s why we have all kinds of soap-operas, bull-shit films and pornography, as compensations for things we no longer live in our day-to-day life.