Do we dare assuming wholeheartedly the illusion of the separate ego?

Every time we stress the importance of “mine”, we call in strife and despondency. Infelicity.

The thing is that whatever is “mine” is neither optimistic nor pretty, even if we ascribe it resounding names like “spiritual journey” or “the adventure of the soul”.

Whatever is separate – the “I” – is bound to depress and disconcert…

Disappointment and enmity is inherent in I-ness.

The most vital question is this:
Can we exist without this distinct sense of falseness which is the separate ego?…

Can we wholeheartedly stay with and assume this very dilemma?

We´d better…

As only Wholeness, which is the cessation of the illusion of separateness, of “I” as the center, can thoroughly heal us from conflict and misfortune.