What is Evil?

Simply put, It is anti-life, life turning against itself, life “spell”-ed backwards.

In the traumatized soul (and to the extent we are not fully awake, we are all in a state of trauma, the trauma of not being one with ourselves), both Freud and Jung recognized that there is a factor within the psyche which, once it gains a certain momentum and seeming autonomy, continually keeps neurotic, unproductive suffering alive.

There is an aggressive anti-wholeness agency within us, as if “made” out of our disowned, unexpressed, in-turned and inverted aggression twisted back upon ourselves, which actively cultivates and breeds dissociation within the psyche. The fluid, ever-flowing, self-reflective/reflexive process of the continually-evolving psyche en/unfolding itself over time becomes suspended, rigidified and frozen, stuck in time, in a seemingly never-ending and self-generating feedback loop.

This inertial, entropic and thanatic factor seems to be actively resistant to and set against us recovering, discovering and attaining our intrinsic wholeness. Jung refers to this dis-integrative factor as a “morbid” fragment of the personality which inspires a “will to be ill.” It is as if there is an unconscious counterforce to the faculty of the will, a “shadow of the will,” so to speak, that prohibits the synthesis of the fragments of our experience into the meaningful constructs and perceptions that make up a healthy, wholesome and coherent psyche.

A difficult question

Is Evil ultimately just an Illusion? – Insofar as to be captured within oneself, is the main illusion:
The Illusion of Separation, the actual evil…

What do you think?

A conspicuous fact

Evil is running away from evil.

A response

She says:

I have a lot of “friends” but I don’t trust any of them because I know they talk to me because they have an interest so it’s hard to find real friends these days…People are very bad…and seeking something and then never call you anymore.

My answer:

People are bad, you say…
Why are they “bad”?…What are they looking for ultimately?…What do they want…?…What do you want?…Stay with this and give it a thought.

Are we just good or bad…?…Am I good?…Are you…? Who´s there to see…? Who considers us  being this or the other?…

Let´s suppose I – Julien Matei – am a good person. But if you inwardly suspect me of being “bad”, I will sooner or later “fulfill” your fearful desire and become evil…
So you see, there is no evil “out there” – through our approach we make people become one thing or another…

I know you have the ability to grasp my words…

Who raises walls around you…? Can it be Fear…? Does this fear really feed you…? Does it ever feed us?…What can we receive other than isolation when afraid? …

Only Fear raises walls trying to protect its false identity.

JOY DOESN´T NEED ANY PROTECTION. JOY IS FREE. And so are you, when you dare questioning the nature of your fear.