Love has nothing to do with belief


The ones believing to love are totally deluding themselves


The best definition of Love

To give yourself back to yourself.

Delusion and self-denial will never know what Love is

amiasleep says:

So if I know myself I’ll find love because I’ll love myself?
What if I just want someone else to love me even if I hate myself?

I remember reading another post of yours where you say something like loving others or being loved by others is not real? Because they only love what we represent to them?

If that is the reality, then perhaps it is better to be deluded and live in self-denial for I do not think that most (myself included) will have the courage to face such utter despair and loneliness.


This is a hard one.

I wish there was someone so perfectly capable as to love you even when you hate yourself.
That person should be really enlightened, almost a saint – and the thing is that
we are short of saints in our days.
The fact of the matter is that we attract others who are on the same frequency of emotion – with other words, behind appearance, you will manifest someone with the same issue: self-hate.
It is quite logical, isn´t it?

For sure, this is hard to take, but most people today are stuck in projection, and as they are conditioned by their (mis)representation, they can neither see themselves or you…

You see, if these were only “words”…

Only confronting the utmost loneliness – which, for sure, is taken for “despair”,
as that entails the death of projection and representation – only, in that readiness of unconditionally facing yourself, the mind can renew itself, finding its innocence and then – and only then -, can you know what Love is about…

Of course, you can hide yourself behind delusion and self-denial, but know that sooner or later, you won´t be able to escape yourself – the bubble will burst with an unpleasant bang.

I wish you lucidity to see this!