Beyond definition

There has always been something you were looking for, something hardly definable which eluded all classification, something more resembling a sweet scent, than a palpable reality.

They all said I was chasing a delusion.
I say that this concrete world we take for real is the biggest bogus, and that the
non-existent, is more “real” than real.

Reality is always one step from vanishing

…but just before it can happen, it transforms itself, and in this manner and only in this manner, it never ceases to be, but is and is. And this ”surviving” of reality is both the most ordinary and the most miraculous thing.

– Remy

Whatever we call “reality” is a phantasy that has got stubborn and blocked

James Hillman

Whatever idea about Freedom is but another chain, another dead-end

Freedom is beyond all thoughts and definitions, and therefore whatever we re-cognize is the old…- the obsolete, the known, a mere futile projection.

Can´t we ever know then what to be truly free entails?

Indeed we can:

Like Love, Freedom requires an enormous courage to completely deny any objective Reality we ascribe this world.

Freedom arises when the “me” is spontaneously and unintentionally perceived and seen as Identity, identity which is built on linearity, time and fear…