Questions and the questionless

Let us ponder a moment – linger with every question:

Does Time exist?…
What exactly is Memory…? Who remembers what?…”What” remembers who?…Why…?

Would time exist if there was no remembrance…? If time and memory didn´t exist, could we ever speak about “Culture”?…- think about this… as for sure, what we call culture is the outcome of memory.

If memory didn´t exist, we couldn´t possibly speak about conditioning either, could we…? “Why” couldn´t exist if there was no conditioning, as conditioning means possession ultimately. Again, no possession – no Why.

So if time, memory, culture, conditioning and possession didn´t exist, there wouldn´t be such thing as “Knowledge” either…Yes, Knowledge is possession. Our conditioned knowledge and thirst to possess is called Science.

Subsequently, if there is nothing to possess, neither What nor Why would be any justified viable issues.

Now, this being said, I ask you: as there is no such thing as What or Why, could there be any “goal” or “purpose” to achieve…?

This is the most quintessential question deriving from it all – because if there is no purpose nor goal to achieve, it means that the only existing thing is Now – blessed and infinite Freedom. If we really penetrate and comprehend this, things like Science, Art, Music would be total different things than what we presently ascribe them to be.

What is time?


Very true, although it’s a truth that takes time to fully realize.


Time is the outcome of our perception. Our perception stems from fear and resistance. I am speaking about psychological time here. When we fail to see the urgency of a problem, we kind of ignore it, pushing it somewhere in the “future”. So Time means actually postponing – that is, the interval between us and the problem we want to avoid.

In the long run time brings even more confusion to the that particular problem we avoid, it kind of enhances the gap, the resistance within. Subsequently, whatever true realization happens Now. In this insight time stops, and what is beyond time makes Itself known. True action is understanding the above.
I am aware that this may sound a little overwhelming, but I am sure that if you read this carefully, you will know…;)