Expectations lost…Dreams forgotten

There’s something so important in the notion of losing expectations,
and forgetting dreams. How can we possibly expect to live a dream if we haven’t
discovered how to live?… Doesn’t it seem silly to you?

We promote this way of living all to often “What’s your dream job”, “What do you want to be when you grow up?”

Allowing people to center, to arrive, to their true being; not the far off, foggy wish that
has largely been tainted with societies expectations of what a dream should look like.”

Indeed, how can we possibly expect to live a dream if we haven’t discovered
how to live now?…

Haven´t we all been taught to live “later”?…-To have dreams, to live, as you say, in the
far off, 
to do anything in our might to sell this moment for an empty promise…so immensely sad.

Such terrible waste of life…

To allow oneself to arive in this present moment: that´s Wisodm. That is Love.

I for one go through the tough lesson of “arresting” becoming. To withdraw from the absence offered to me by everybody. To come “back” to myself the way that I am and was, but wasn´t allowed to…There is deep sorrow in that, but I assume this if I want to really recover from this sickness of living in the “nowhere´s land”.

So it is: it is imperative to start focusing on what we are right now – on what
we feel we need to express in this moment – what would bring us ultimate joy.