Mediocrity is our name, cowardice – our icon

We crave safety and security, because, we are afraid of the unknown.
In fact, we are afraid of anything which surpasses our entrenched shallowness and trivial common sense. We want this Grand Cosmic Phenomenon which is Life to match our petty and nonsensical expectations. Bad news – Life never does.

That´s shy we are unhappy – but change it?…Never… – we only bargain with infelicity in our all too “humane” realm – we know at least what we have…

Very few – if any – take healthy risks. The evidence of this can be felt at all levels of this present society. We live a foolishly predictable and boring life, as our only virtue is to play it safe.
Drones. That´s what we are. Indeed…too much life or emotion scares…

Mediocrity is our name, cowardice – our icon.

I may sound like a fool asking these questions, but someone has to
pose them:
Where are the big feelings? Where is the passion that animates and motivatesour soul? Where are the true poets, musicians, the visionaries, our dreamers?…
Where is the spiritual magnanimity which has defined true human endeavour?
Where is our dignity, our courage to show ourselves we are worth a better destiny?

I for one, don´t see it anywhere.

Do you?…