Beyond tolerance or acceptance

I’m beginning to think there is no real thing as love and acceptance maybe just tolerance. And trusting anyone with real feelings is just asking for heartache. No one has the time nor is anyone inclined to understand anyone else, not really.

What we call “tolerance” is usually another form of intolerance…”I am beginning to think” breeds consequently intolerance, with other words, resistance as an answer to lovelessness.

I have said this million times before, but that seems our hardest setback – THINKING…

Where thought – that is identification – is present, Love is absent.

How can we be inclined to understand anyone else when we live in falseness…? When we, indeed, do anything in our might to defend our right to be wrong, to be biased…when the only “love” we know is fearing, controlling and thus taking revenge on the other…

No…we don´t have the time to love…because that would entail that we question our identification with Thought…- with WHO WE THINK WE ARE…

Only thought accepts or doesn´t accept.

Love is beyond tolerance or acceptance.