Beyond reflection

In some of the mirrors you looked beautiful. In others you looked ugly. Realize that you have never encountered yourself directly – but via the others. So after all


Are you the mirrored or the mirrorless?

Belief breeds separation

Every belief demeans you as believing spawns limitation. Every belief is actually a choice you make against the totality of Who You Are.

Love needs no belief.

Only fear does.

I didn´t have a choice

“When you have a dream, and the dream isn´t something you dream and then it happens, but the dream is something you never knew it was going to come into your life, dreams always come from behind you, not right between your eyes, it sticks up on you, but when you have a dream, it doesn´t come out at you screaming in your face “this is Who You Are, this is What You Must Be for the rest of your life”…


The hardest thing to listen to, namely your instincts, your human personal intuition, always whispers, it never shouts; it´s very hard to hear.

You have to every day of your lives be ready to hear what whispers in your ear, it very rarely shouts. And if you can listen to the whisper, and if it takes all your heart, and it´s something you think you wanna do for the rest of your life, and that is going to be what you do for the rest of your life, we will benefit from everything you do.”

– Stephen Spielberg

Can we surrender to the natural process, allowing it to heal us?

These days I need very much to clear my head. Stress is like a jacket that I can’t take off. I will breath and sit and walk. Seek solitude, stillness. I will regain myself.

Like never before, these last days I have been under a lot of pressure too. Stress has felt like a straitjacket. Really as if there was no escape.

So in those moments you feel totally cornered. Choice-less. As if whatever you try is of no avail.

Oftentimes I realize with astonishment that we might just as well have given ourselves the right answers long before, but have a hard time to integrate and act on them. In this sense your earlier comment is very enlightening:

“What I pursue always eludes me. What I treasure simply comes to me.

This is such an important thing. To pursue an objective is to set up a duality that dooms the very effort. We feel a sense of failure when we don’t get our hands on what we seek. And we feel unsatisfied when we do.”

Now, this may sound infeasible:

But against all odds, and without any sentimentality, COULD WE TREASURE THIS ANGUISH, OR STRESS – as we call it – as if it was a precious treasure? Could we…?

Instead of hardly struggling to take it off, to get rid of it through different “methods” – breathing and sitting and seeking solitude – , could we just contemplate our harsh predicament with greatest equanimity?…

Can we apply your insight here, namely to let go of the “duality that dooms the very effort”, seeing the pursuit to heal as a total failure, and instead surrender to the natural process, allowing it to truly heal us?…

Only the projection – which is the outcome of duality – can be “regained”, whereas Oneness – who we really are – can neither be gained nor lost.

LOVE – the ultimate relief from memory

I was reading your post “Memory is fear of now”.

I do not pretend to understand all of what you say of course but I do not agree that all memories are vapid dreams. There are things we should let go of no doubt, things which hold us back. But there are memories which deserve to be remembered and yes, even those which can be counted on.

I was just thinking, if you forgot me today, it would hurt me. I cannot explain why, I’ve never met you, I don’t know if I even understand you. But if you wiped your memory clean of me, it might help you lessen your burden but in doing so you have effectively created a void where I was. What is that, if not a barrier or wall?

That´s interesting:

“If you forgot me, it would hurt me.”

Let´s suppose I did – which is not the case in reality.

Really…stay a moment with this question and ponder: Is it really my forgetting which would upset and hurt you?

Or is it something else here worth considering?…

Let´s put it like this: As you never met me in “reality”, you have never made the experience of me. And despite this never experiencing or understanding me, you would still feel a loss if I “disappeared” from your life.

Isn´t it so? When we feel loss, we feel hurt, we fall short on something important.

Look at this dispassionately: when our false sense of safety is jeopardized, we are threatened – it is quite obvious.

So what is the real Loss here, can we give a satisfactory answer to that?

The funny thing is that unbeknownst, you have given yourself the Answer.

If we replaced “you” with “I” that would be quite a message to yourself:

“If I wiped my memory clean of me, it might help me lessen my burden and in doing so I have effectively created a void where I was.”

If you “managed” to do that, you would instantly know: This Void is Who You Truly Are, but is seen as a barrier or a wall, inasmuch as it is invested with fear.

And Ego is and directly derives from this seemingly relentless Fear.

Ego´s constant fear of Loss is ultimately fear to lose itself.

Whatever It does, it eternally reinforces itself, carrying along the burden of yesterday, turning it into a memory of tomorrow.

The mad ego fears Life, and its function is to keep you away from this direct and immediate “experience”.

Where Ego ceases, LIFE – which is “the real You” – begins.

When Fear is dissolved, you will need no memory, as you will simply “know”.

And this “pure Knowledge” is the memory-less breath:


Silence all inner noise

If you want to know Who You Truly Are, defect from it all.

The Inner Voice Talking Aloud

Isn´t about time to stop limiting yourself and others, to show and express
who you really are, to allow, approve of and release your true greatness?

To let your inner Joy and yearning shine upon you?


Enough with parsimony and mediocrity.

Enough with hiding. Enough with doubts. Enough of listening to
the insignificant voice of the ego.


Let this Ego go. Let Fear go.

You are the gift of this mighty Universe.

Be bold, be your true dream. Infinite power is at your disposal. Know that.


You are this infinite Creation longing for itself through you.

It´s about time for you to be You: