Who am I anyway…?

…Cause the one I was is not anymore…” he said.

 So I told him:

“Who” can not exist per se, that is, separate from What, Where and Why…

So you might just as well ask yourself – “What am I” … ? And “Why”…?

And if you manage to get a glimpse of an answer Why you are, you may also find out a reasonable answer to Who and Where … and in addition… – For whom…?

Whose dream are we?

I would be,

You would be…

What´s the difference really?

Who is who,

And Why…?

Who do you see in me…?

Why refraining…from what you see…?

In fact,

I don´t possess

But I am possessed

By a Dream…

Your dream…?

Who or Why…?

Perhaps it’s a big circle and you can choose a vicious or a benificent event.

WHO is choosing the vicious or the beneficient…?
And above all… – WHY?

So it is

There can´t be a Where without a Why.

e.e. cummings says

when god decided to invent
everything he took one
breath bigger than a circustent
and everything began

when man determined to destroy
himself he picked the was
of shall and finding only why
smashed it into because

A dialogue with Paul


What is “tomorrow”?…

Does Tomorrow exist, is Tomorrow a real entity?… Who “exists” and who “dies”…? Who wants to continue…?

What is Knowledge…? What is it to learn that you don´t already know…? Wouldn´t it be better if you tried to un-know, yes, to un-learn…?

Again…who lives and who dies…?

You say:

“Can humans even understand death? At least, before it occurs?”

If you want to understand what death is about, – or what LIFE is about – you have to have the courage to “die” now…to empty yourself wholly, completely; to let go of everything – which is not easy – to realize that you neither can “live” or “die”, that Life – that is, You – in the deepest sense, never dies.

Yes, you are this imperishable Life. Ultimately it is not about me uttering this, you have to come to the point of feeling this Immediate Truth.


This sounds very Buddhist, which is NOT a bad thing. I am intrigued by your words, and would like to further this discussion. How? That is my big question. I feel like I have the answer inside of me already, but how do I access it? How do I realize Truth? And how do I know if I am right? Or furthermore how do I think not of right versus wrong but only recognize what Is?

I am very inexperienced when it comes to spirituality and even philosophy. Guidance please?

One point I have a lot of trouble with is that of knowing – I value education very highly and I am unsure of what unlearning everything really means. Perhaps you could enlighten me? Or at least give me a better idea.


What I say probably sounds like many different things…What if we just ceased to label things, at least in this our dialogue…?

It is not so much the question about ” How”, it is more about ” Why”.

When Why is clearly stated, the How just comes by itself.

It is not “you” realizing the truth,… Truth “realizes” you, truth has nothing to do with “right” or “wrong”…What is “right” or “wrong” at the end of the day…? Again, stop labeling and listen…

When you listen, you allow the answer inside you to unfold itself. So linger and listen… you will recognize it beyond doubt…it is your very breath, even nearer…

Experience has nothing to do with ” Knowledge”. It is good that you are inexperienced. Please remain that way :)

You need no guidance…you are already guided. Imagine that these words might have been uttered by you through me.

What is education at the end of the day? I am not playing with words pondering on this.

“Unlearning” is dropping all notions about this or that…Not easy though…When all ideas are recognized as mere ideas, what is beyond ideas can manifest itself.

I am sure,
that you can take what I say, although you might not be “used” to this way of expressing things.