I don’t pursue Truth for its sake

What really interests me, is the ease and well-being
which naturally derive from living Truthfully.

She calls herself Grace

In this very humdrum and materialistic era, her very Presence feels like a miracle. She is not aware – but she shines. Radiant waves of light beam out of her countenance. She is caring yet unassuming. Endearlingly joyous.

She manifests what the poets throughout the ages have tried to capture: wisdom, clarity, sweet elegance. Poise. And above all – Grace.

She is the embodiment of Femininity in its twofold aspects: maidenhood and motherhood.

The beginning of wisdom

“The only thing I know is that I nothing know”, says Socrates.

Let´s replace “know” with “perceive” and see what we get:

The only thing I perceive is that I perceive nothing right.

That´s the greatest insight. The advent of Truth.

If you wanna raise, have the courage to fall

Do less

Listen more…

I create you and you me

The best outputs in Mirrors of Encounters are yet to come.

I have such great things to share with you, but these subjects will be shared

Wisdom, like great art in general, is the outcome of great encounters, of
powerful reciprocation. It´s that very energy created “between” us which
breeds a meaningful creation. 

Without that “in-between” power, without being able to address that specific
“third” entity – the effect of you and me – we act in vain. That force creates the right expression, its due counterpart.

There is no solid outcome without an appropriate and relevant context.

Everything is dance. The receiver and the conveyor render the music of life alive.

Togetherness creates us – I create you, and you me.

Stop looking for sense

Where intelligence ends, wisdom begins!

Get de-sensed… ;)