Applying to many a girl

It´s neither easy nor worth it…

What do women want?…

If you are by yourself, no dame notices you.

If one or more women are interested in you, out of the blue you become interesting, desirable and worth having.

After all,

Is it the Man they want, or the Attention which has been given that man?…

If women were at ease and loved themselves despite their flaws, the whole gigantic make-up industry would go bankrupt

The feminist war against Beauty and Passion

They refused her photos for that particular event saying that her photos were “sexist”….

“Honestly I can´t understand how…- because that’s exactly what I wanted to avoid. I don’t know what to say”, she confessed.

She went on:

What is wrong with Beauty, is beauty supposed to be feminist or something?
Do you have to look and behave like a man in order to be a real woman? I think that’s actually super patriarchal.

I answered her:

“Beauty  is boundless, it obeys no man-made limit or restriction. You owe them
nothing. Tell those narrow-minded morons who refused your photos, that feminism
is a cover for their blatant bigotry and stupidity.”

She replied:
“I don’t understand, women are beautiful creatures  – soft, positive and sensitive…
They have it all wrong…I cannot believe this. I consider myself a feminist because I keep al feminine traits in me, but I suppose these Official Feminists are having a totally different outlook on it.”

We may wonder what kind of fucked up world we live in, inasmuch as Beauty has to
fulfill the idiotic criteria of some empty-headed feminist imbeciles.

For the record, if you tell a woman here in Stockholm that she is beautiful, that is considered a terrible insolence…- that is not “feministically” correct.

Our wonderfully idiotic modern world…

That´s why we no longer have any real Art…because you are being penalized and harshly punished for feeling and expressing beauty. 

God damn it, is this fucking Middle Ages or what…?

Courtesy Igor Amelkovich

A great nude photographer

Love is here, never elsewhere…

At the beginning there were two, but three other
lonely women showed up.

I was the only male in this company tonight.

Me and 5 stunning women – including my girlfriend.
Pretty surreal!

Most uncommon New Years Eve.

Many people are craving for company and love.
Similar to the girls I was surrounded by tonight.

It was quite bewildering to witness.
These women despite their striking beauty
were complaining about having a hard time
to attract a man.
You could feel their being sad about being mateless.

I told them that unless they take the trouble to know
unless they find out and investigate what they really like,
love to do, discovering their inner center and real vocation in life,
they will keep attracting even more loneliness
and relational disappointment. 

One of them kind of heard my words:

“There has to be a certain reason why I ended up here meeting you”
she said.

Pretty paradoxical:
Despite her saying this, she couldn`t visibly consider her own words.
She gave me the ball:
“So fortunate you are, aren`t you happy with 5 girls around you?”

As if my words were about me…

No, they were not alert to heed the message.
They found my words “interesting”…and skilfully changed
the subject.


Always elsewhere…
Like most of the people, they search in others what they seemingly
are not able TO GIVE THEMSELVES.

A portrait of woman today

David939 says:
Women are the ones that tend to put so much emphasis on the romantic version of love and yet in my mind really have no idea how to find and keep that kind of love.  When I have “loved” a woman I have done whatever I could to make her feel comfortable, cared for, important and loved.  In return, because of their inability to exercise self-control, inability to be insightful into the way they act…starting expecting more from me than I was willing to give.  In the end I was labelled as lazy and uncaring…and a misogynist.  Today I am happy to be labelled as whatever someone sees fit.  I have found someone who views and respects the action of love as I do and in the process I am free to speak out honestly against anyone that twists their version of love to suit only their own self-gratification.

I do hear your words.

What I can say is that our modern crisis is the direct outcome of women being totally fucked up – that is, more or less estranged from whatever “natural femininity” entails.

There are undoubtedly some very few interesting women on the planet, but all in all,
woman today has become a terrible nuisance. A disaster.

Vanity, vanity, vanity in unthinkable forms, emotional poverty, – that would be rather appropriate to say total absence of emotions, – surface and only surface again in different versions, stupidity and fussiness, and above all a total disinterest for passion, decency, generosity, beauty, poetry or real love. Women seem to live and nourish themselves with their constant revenge on man. Man is to the only one to be blamed and hold responsible for their failing as women…So incredibly redundant…So unspeakably mean and meaningless…

Their only interests is to dominate, control, manipulate and punish man. Punishment is
The Recurrent Theme in everything.

They are so immensely boring, bloated and self-infatuated, humorless, huffy and fatuously predictable…They think they are entitled to get everything, but they give nothing in return…I have really wondered many times, how man puts up with average woman…

The women I cared for and loved, wanted to destroy me. Literally. They couldn´t stand my honest and innocent love. Of course, I admit I fell the victim of my own projection choosing a certain type of women..but still…I came to the conclusion that they cannot stand genuine feeling, purity, dignity, decency and straightforwardness.

They despise all these things, generally preferring all kind of absurd and twisted relations with uncouth men lying to them, demean and make them suffer.  This type of savage man keeps them in “constant surprise.”

A girl I met confessed openly that if I am supposed to reach out to her, I have to literally lie to her. She was not at all interested to hear any truth…She at least admitted that…

Man has his portion of guilt in all this, but again, how can we be different when Real Motherhood has become nothing but a forlorn myth…?

Am I a misogynist speaking so bluntly?…Maybe I am…But that´s what you are called if
you dare call things by their real name…

Most men in different categories of age are aware of this. Nevertheless, I am so utterly amazed that there are so few who have the guts to express the truth about this.

Just to mention that I was fortunate to find a fairly loving, open, sincere, natural and stable girl by my side.
One in a million…

Great to read your comment. Hope we can continue the dialogue.

A comment by Jane about the predicament of modern woman

Jane commented the other day my poem Awaiting Windows:

The women were lingering,
their image.

The windows
were silently
their absence

This poem needs to be sent around the world. It says so much about women, the craving for self-esteem, beauty, the hallucinating mind, am I good enough? Wonderful imagery. Did the windows feel the emptiness of the women looking for themselves? Engrained in a set of “cultural requirements,” are the women looking into the mirror saddened with their empty image? Why did they look for their “image?” Your poem offers much for discussion. A painful poem for me to consider deeply. Thank you for opening up the discontent of women. A Mirror for Encounters!

“Some women marry houses,
It’s another kind of skin, it has a heart,
a mouth, a liver and bowel movements.

The walls are permanent and pink.
See how she sits on her knees all day,
faithfully washing herself down…”

” Many women live in the utmost spiritual and creative poverty; they are in fact ‘homeless’.”

Author Patricia Reis

Someone I talked with today says:

“You are so profound”

“No, I am not at all profound”, I told her. “It´s more that I find superficiality very tedious and never satisfactory. Well, to be honest, shallowness bores me to death.”

Isn´t it funny, that I am often labeled as “profound”. Profound meaning  – in many womens´ interpretation – unreachable, intriguing but elusive, not easy to dominate.

“You may be interesting, but I am kind of scared of you –  it unsettles me as I can´t control you, you are too unpredictable”, that´s a known tacit feminine refrain.

I begged her

Most men are incredibly dumb. They like their women to be single-minded, in order not to feel disturbed and menaced in their idiotic self-pride. So many women, despite being sensitive and intelligent, have to play stupid in order to find a man.

“I hate stupidity” I told her.

“I don´t think stupid women are sexy”. So please, stop acting stupid, stop thwarting yourself, thinking that by playing daft and insensitive you will be liked and accepted.