Another conversation between Richard and me

Richard started:

-Why should I care about my gossip five minutes ago…?

-Well, we all have a feminine side inside of us…

– 😀 Don´t be too negative ! Really, I put up so many plans and schedules and there’s always somebody who interferes. That makes me upset.

 -Who said this?

-I did. That’s the sum of my experiences with that species…

-You know…God created women and interuptions…let ´s be grateful for that 🙂

-If you say so…
I agree, but I wouldn’t admit that officially.

-Well, the inofficial truth is more fun, isn´it?…:)


A man sitting next to me in the subway. He must have been around 45-50.

Can a man understand women?…Hardly ever, he said with a rather sad smile.
It´s so funny, he went on, my wife thinks I cheat on her. But how the hell can I be unfaithful when I hardly manage to be faithful…? 😛

So, I wanted to put a smile on your faces. I am off to Budapest and further to Romania.
The sunny teracces are waiting for me there.

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