“No” doesn´t exist

There is no “negativity” in the Universe, as “there is not” doesn´t exist.
Negation is just a concept in our finite mind.

What exists is the Universal Field, an infinite number of possibilities. Thus, Negativity is the invention of Fear. Does fear exist as a possiblity in The Field?…

Fear seems to be the outcome of our human logic.

Ultimately,”NO ” DOESN´T EXIST. Isn´t this wonderful?

What exists is this inexpressible, mind-blowing, eternal YES…

Another meaningful dialogue

 I said earlier:

“Cowardice, endless stint, rapacity, bigotry and hypochrisy everywhere, at all levels…This is our time.

The best way though to “change” the world is to take away the focus from the present disconcerting reality, and look at life through the veil of eternal joy…

Strength, lucidity, composure, right measure, trust…These are our invaluable gifts.”

Jane answers very pertinently:

“You brought up many good points.  Working with negativity which is basically wanting things to be different than what they are we end up clinging, defending and attacking.  We feel our own pain about the world and blame the world.

Negativity taken to the extreme (by showing everyone piety and virtue saving the world) allows nothing to pierce its shell.  It becomes “self righteous.”  When I look deeper at negativity, it also appears to have something to do with my own hypocritical nature.  I, too, am the hypocrite I can claim about another.  So, it is important to remind myself that I can allow the feeling of negativity wash through me and try and not conceptualize it.