What´s the next step?

I started Mirrors of Encounters three years ago.

I started “blogging” out of inner necessity. Pure and simple, I write because I am simply urged to by an unknown inner authority. THINGS NEED TO BE CALLED BY THEIR REAL NAME.
And this is the main reason why I write: not so much to “make myself a name” but to reach out with things that are – at least in my opinion – fundamentally important. Truth be said,
I put my very best in all my posts, trying to be as coherent and succinct as possible.

Now, 37.000 views later, I am rather confused.

Evidently, people are interested to read my stuff – given the relatively big feed-back.
But what I receive is a whole bunch of “likes” and almost no comments.

The thing is that I kind of feel that I cannot continue with things the way they presently are.

Sincere debate can take things to another level. Although seemingly pertinent, my writing doesn´t seem to motivate and engage people to take a stand and comment.
I have the feeling that the subjects I take up are too taboo. I seem to scare people away.
Do I…?

A single individual cannot bring about a difference. That´s why many times I felt that it is pointless to go on. I will never quit writing, although I feel I many times I write in vain.
It is indeed time and “soul” consuming to write without being “endorsed” in a more “matter-of-fact” manner.

So…what´s the next step? What can I do…? Any constructive feed-back?

Let´s get honest here

I reblog this post by chillersandthrillers.com

Who do you really write for?

If you say your audience…think again.

The real answer? You. That’s right… you write for you. If you aren’t writing material that excites you, that feeds your soul…how do you think anyone else will like it? If you don’t like it or love it…no one else will either.

You write to satisfy:

  • your needs

  • your wants

  • your desires

  • YOU

Your audience is secondary. Yes, you have to keep your audience in mind…but always remember you are the FIRST and most important audience of all. No it isn’t selfish, it is self-mindful. It’s true in any important endeavor we do. So recognize your true audience and your secondary audience. Both are important and to keep in mind as you write.

Never write with money as the audience or even publishers or editors. If you do, it will not ring true. If it is not from your heart and soul, from you for you…then find another career or life-calling. You will save your self and others time and heart-break.

Sit down with yourself and find out what type of books and movies speak to you the loudest.

  • What draws you the most?

  • What captures your imagination?

  • What connects to you?

Then write.