The stories are eager to be told

Wish I could use both hands and feet writing different stories simultaneously 😛

Interesting image ha…? Julien Matei becoming a huge yellow octopus 😀

So peculiar: What hasn´t happened in years, happens in one day…In few hours really.

This day marks a clear end of a chapter and the beginning of a new one.

I wrote in my About section that I was never sure as to the truth of My Writing.

But now I am…

Everything I said is consistent. Insofar as it did work on me, inasmuch as whatever I wrote, healed me. And there is not some insignificant task I refer to, but a coming out from the worst delirious darkness, depression and unimaginable adversity.

I had the guts to believe and follow my My Inner Guidance against all odds. Against all Saturnian Solitude, abyssal sorrows and misunderstanding, I didn´t quit – as many would have done…

Yes, I am proud of myself that after these three long years of immense hard work since I started to write, it begins to pay off. Don´t think it´s about a book offer, money or material endorsement, oh no… – But a new space of great joy, radiance, generosity, calm and great sense of balance emerges both within and without me…An unearthly reassurance…An incredible elation…

So here we go…I say thank you to you all who through a comment or a good thought,
have directly or indirectly participated in this outlandish Odyssey!…

If I managed to “change” and transform mishap into great Peace and steady Inner
Flow, someone else can too.


The stories are joyously and eagerly bursting out, urgently craving to be told 🙂

Intelligence is not afraid of mistakes

Her words were so winning and charming, yet she felt an urge to excuse herself:

“So many typos…forgive my idiotic writing in my email.
I don’t proofread as much because an email is less formal and I don’t spend hours editing it, I just free write.”


Who cares about typos as long as there is emotion and vivid intention behind words…?

I see so many writing skillfully, yet there is a vehement lack in their texts – no substance, no life…NO LIVING PURPOSE…

I love mistakes – yes, they are oftentimes more pinpointing than something “rightly” done.

Indeed, fools are always afraid of mistakes, you see them everywhere – people lacking intelligence, taking themselves too seriously.

For sure, the one who is not afraid of mistakes is more open-minded, more prone to grow, question and discover…

An older post of mine about Inspiration

“You challenge me to write at length…” I told her with a blink of an eye that
apparently didn´t get through.

“No challenge…” she answered, “writing is not a competition friend…it is just art, pure and simple, an inner expression brought out for all to see through their own eyes.”

There was nothing but an innocent joke…really. Who can challenge the real creating process …?

Inspiration – as you know – is a fact.
The resonance of a single word said at the right place…

When I said “you challenge me” I meant you might inspire me.

Opposites give birth to each other.
Color and the colorless, Night and Day are each other´s fulfilling complement,
swiftly following each other in perfect equilibrium, never struggling to annul each other – like humans do…

Imagine if people understood this grand and beautiful truth…

From an interview how Steve Himmer

“Develop what Charles Baxter called, in a great interview at The Days of Yore, a “fuck you” attitude: you’ll learn to know when your writing is doing what it’s meant to even if no one else seems to care. Use the web, make the most of it—the opportunities for friendships and conversations are a tremendous gift—but don’t get too caught up in comparing your own successes (or lack thereof) to the amount of good news in someone else’s Facebook feed.

There are more reasons than the presence or absence of genius why one book or writer gets attention while another doesn’t, and most of those reasons are arbitrary and absurd and unpredictable, so you’ll drive yourself crazy chasing them. Just stick to making up the stuff you think the world needs.”

I like this last paragraph.

Isn´t it so in life, that most of the reasons for success or failure are usually arbitrary, absurd, unlikely and unpredictable, so you´ll drive yourself nuts if you wanna get a rational explanation.