Happiness has no thought

Happiness has no “me”…

As long as you expect Happiness to be You,
It will unfailingly be elsewhere…

Such unspeakable joy to have ceased to

Give time to thought

Give time to yesterday or tomorrow

Wanting things to be different

Wanting to change anything or anyone

Give any attention to worry or any kind of imagined stress…

Indeed, such bliss to have ceased posing questions…

The mind finds comfort in unrest and discomfort in rest

What about that…?

Nothing stays the same, and everything can be different

A seemingly banal but all-pervading truth…no one wants you to know.


What is disease about?

Illness is, without exception, the outcome of restrained, unexpressed, yes, unlived
life. Suffocated emotions.


Learn to express your humanity, your soul, your true yearning, if you want to heal.
Where there is true expression and creativity, there is love and gratitude.


Illusions fetter you

Unless you say No to Illusion, you will never say Yes to Life.

Imagine No didn´t exist

The other day my friend Magnus invited me for dinner at his house. As he and his wife were still preparing the food, I sat at the table with his two sons Anton and Theodor, five and seven years old.
I was enjoying the beautiful sunset, overhearing them chatting.

Out of the blue Anton said something amazing. “What did you say?” I asked taken aback, not being sure I heard him right. “Well”, he said timidly rather reluctant to repeat, “imagine if No didn´t exist”…I couldn´t believe it. “So what would happen if  No didn´t exist?”, I asked.
His brother answered instead: “If  No didn´t exist, it means that one could say YES  to everything.
On the other hand”, he continued, “it is good NO exists – luckily… Because we couldn´t say YES to death…or… COULD WE…?