The one who loves you

…awakens always your sense of self-trust.

The one who claims to love but in fact disrespects you,
will never allow you to shine and feel at ease, but will
constantly remind you of your shortcomings, enhancing your doubts.

Get rid of those “friends” who aim to damage your sane self-image,
intending solely to outshine you.

Self-worth is the key

The system doesn’t give a damn about you.

For them you are an insignificant number, an abstract detail, a non entity.

Retrive your life, your true humanity, your yearning, your love to yourself.

The system is not happy when you´re happy – your worth is its menace.

The more worthy we feel, the more the system will fail.

Let us share something

Hello my friends!

Let´s share something today!

Let´s  forget our fears for a while, our sorrows and shortcomings, let´s come out of our narrow shell and take some interest in each other, spread a good word, a generous smile, a beautiful song. Let´s exchange some ideas, let´s open a little in reciprocal trust, let us enrich each other in honest communication, let us find a way to collaborate in a New Joy and a New Truth, let us our innate magnanimity find a way back in our life.

It doesn´t matter how you think you are, you are worth, you are alive, you can read these lines now!  We share these gratitude of meeting each other in thought! Isn´t it something?

You never know, if we open ourselves we can forge a new life together, may be some day we will even meet in person. I look forward to that!

Life is a beautiful secret to live, so let us hear Her mysterious whisper, and LIVE !