I am the friend of whoever is lonely

Leamuse comments:

Sometimes we forget that one can be lonely in a group of people.

Early childhood taught me that I was safest alone and I am never lonely. That being said, I adore people and must set aside time to be alone and remain flexible. Writing and painting are solitary pursuits but the choir is not. Trying to improve my french takes me out to communicate with my wonderful neighbours and get involved in village life. So far the balance is working.

One is ALWAYS alone – that´s the most basic human predicament.

Those who no longer flee this insight are the right company, usually those persons with whom we can share life, friendship, the right kind of frequencies…

It strikes me now that “right company” is about sharing solitude after all, don´t you think…?

Most people try to escape this truth, being constantly on the run.
How can you feel other than “lonely” with them – the more suitable word would be rather “deserted” – as you can never reach them, as they never reach their own inner center… and as we know, center is found only by those who deliberately explore their loneliness.