Heed your inner voice no matter what

There are essential posts I have been meaning to write but somehow
didn´t get around to it.

This is however one of those posts.

This happened for some months ago, one afternoon.

I was famished, and grabbed a piece of brown bread baked with plums a friend had brought from a trip in Prague.

As I was eating having my thoughts intensely occupied with the composition at hand,
out of the blue I clearly heard this prompting voice inside of me:


What the hell is this, I thought, but obeyed immediately this irrational urging.

Before I continue, can you answer honestly: would you have considered this totally
unreasonable message?…

Would you…?

Anyway, thanks God I did:

As I was spitting it out, inside the bread, there was a fairly big something:

I hardly believed my eyes:

IT WAS A BENT NAIL…Verily, what are the chances to find a rather big nail in
a piece of brown bread?! 

Imagine the oddness of this…

I was flabbergasted. The literal and metaphorical significance of this is tremendous:
Had I not obeyed that warning voice, God knows if I would still be around to write
these words now.

Against all reason, I had been present enough to heed that divine admonishing.

So beware, pay attention: insidious dangers hide in the most unexpected places. There are moments when there is no one in flesh and blood out there to save you, except your intuition and your invisible friends.

So always trust your inner voice: it can be the difference between life and death.